Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

This morning we prepared for Christmas by celebrating the Hanging of the Ornaments.

If you capitalize it, it makes it feel more festive and event-like.

I had already spent quite a bit of time on the tree what with the pulling it out of the box, fluffing the branches, and stringing extra lights so I was going to let the boys do it because sometimes I have control issues about where things need to go but in the end decided to join them and I’m so glad I did.

We had such a trip down memory lane as we unwrapped our treasures.  We talked about places we’d been:


Big Ball of Twine, Cawker City, KS

Niagara Falls, Canada

Cape Canaveral, FL



From my dad's trip to Egypt


We talked about the early beginnings of our family:


Our first ornament, given to us when we got engaged

The first ornament we bought for the boys


We talked about Christmas long, long ago:


From my childhood tree

An oldie I've had for years


We laughed over my absolute favorite ornament of all:


It's all about the shoes

And the boys may have seen their mom shed a tear or two when we got to the special box that holds the most precious ornaments we have:



The first project Travis ever made for me. Macaroni and glitter never looked so beautiful.

The wings are the outline of JJ's four-year-old hands

Tommy had just learned to spell his name, ran out room, and smushed it in there anyway.


Our Christmas tree may not be the biggest one the block or smell the freshest or have the most lights.  You certainly won’t be seeing it in the pages of Southern Living anytime soon, and yet, it’s absolutely perfect.  It tells the story of us with dozens of touchstones, reminders of happiness and blessing.

Oh, Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches.

Have a nice day.


18 responses to “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

  1. OMG … I have the VERY same wedding ornaments!!! A lady in the DC area made them for us and they look like me and my husband in our wedding attire. I’ll email you a photo. I also have the best man and the brides maid.

    See, we were connected in the cosmic universe … I think I’m your “mini me”.


  2. Our tree is filled with special ornaments too. In fact, now that I look at it, that’s all it is. No theme here, just lots of memories of vacations and preschool and grandparents and special friends. Love your tree!

  3. Aaaahh this post made me tear up a little actually! Your tree looks fab, the cosiness makes it super christmassy. My parents have a similar collection of works of art for our tree done by my sister and I over the years. Looking at my generic student christmas tree done with my housemates and then reading this post has given me a literal, physical gut-twist of homesickness.

    I’m sooo looking forward to the holidays!

  4. Each year we buy the kids their own ornament. I try to get an ornament that reflects who they are or what they particularly love that year. I write on the ornament box the year and why we bought it for them. We had a great time reading all the reasons as we unboxed the ornaments this year. Last year’s ornament was a homemade one. The kids helped me make these cute bird ornaments to go with family gifts. I made sure we made two extra so that could be their special ornament. Hopefully when they are teenagers and hate me I can remind them of a time when they used to love me! 🙂

    When it is time for them to be out on their own and start their own families and traditions, we will give them their childhood ornaments to start their tree.

  5. That is beautiful and precious! I was fine until the macaroni ornament! 🙂

  6. I love your tree!! We have the macaroni ornaments with pictures in the middle of each child. We have so many memory ornaments that decorating the tree is one of the favorite Christmas activities at our house. Each child gets a new collectible ornament each year that reflects who they are, the same as Andrea. We even have picture frame ornaments with pictures of the deceased cat and our current dog.
    This tree means so much more than any department store themed tree ever could!

  7. I love your tree with all it’s sentimental-ness.

    Who needs coordinated trees with matchy match ornaments? Give me my tree with its mis-matched ornaments any day.

  8. That is my favorite kind of tree. I love it! 🙂

  9. I loved this. I feel the same about our tree. Your wedding ornament is too cute!
    Merry Christmas!

  10. You are absolutely right. Your tree is perfect. My kids would be so disappointed if they weren’t able to put all their handmade and personalized ornaments on the tree. My favorites.

  11. I have several ornaments that make my heart flutter and my eyes water. Sometimes the ugliest ornaments mean the most and are actually the most beautiful.
    Sentimental hugs, friend.

  12. Keep capitalizing “the event” maybe they will still want to help when they are teenagers 🙂 It’s a sad day when they think their to old to help anymore. love your tree.

  13. I love reading your blogs! You are one special lady!
    Love, Black Mumbo

  14. My tree tells the story of us too. I love each and every ornament, and I may or may not have a shoe ornament too…just sayin’

  15. Sweet, sweet, sweet. A perfectly perfect tree.

  16. Beautiful tree. Love all your special ornaments!

  17. Cannot wait to come over and see it in person…

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