Ranger Rick/McGyver Fashion Tip

Last night I scored a very last-minute babysitter and was able to join Mr. CPQ for the company Christmas party which meant that I was scrounging through the closet twenty minutes before walking out the door in hopes of finding something that said “festive and fashionable”.

I mean, you want festive, I’ve got festive (hello, gold jacket).  The fashionable part is a little suspect, though.

In the end I found a silvery long tank top that I was going to pair with dark jeans and a black jacket but the jeans didn’t seem to want to accommodate my body after three hours of eating Christmas cookies with Heather and Rebecca, so I ended going with some black pants that had a little easement in them and they worked just as well.

Spandex, I love you.

I bought the tank at Talbots on an after-Christmas clearance because I am drawn to anything that remotely shimmers, even though it was a little low-cut because I had every intention of taking it to the tailor to get the straps shortened so that it wouldn’t scream “lady of ill repute”.  I, of course, remembered that I was going to do that when I put it on.

So there I was with a perfectly good top that was useless to me and no time left to pull anything else out of the closet.  So what did I do? I summoned my faithful fashion companion to once again pull me out of a bind. Yep, I grabbed the binder clips, folded the straps, clipped everything to my undergarments, pulled on my jacket, and away I went.

I did have to be careful not to be huggy because while my jacket was kinda bulky and you couldn’t see the outline of the clips, you could feel them if you got embraced a little too closely.  Fortunately, I was with a bunch of network engineers who weren’t overly affectionate so that wasn’t an issue.

Binder clips.

Keep ’em in your closet.

You never know when they’ll come in handy.

Have a nice day.



12 responses to “Ranger Rick/McGyver Fashion Tip

  1. Don’t know why my mind thought I read “black leather jacket”, but it did and I was sure picturing you in a way that I don’t see when you come to church. It’s always a good idea to re read a blog post. 🙂

  2. Oh my land! I almost forgot to tell you that I am visiting a friend of yours today… Scott! I am so excited – and nervous! And it’s ALL your fault with what happens. Hopefully all good. 🙂

  3. Your creativity astounds : )

  4. What, no pictures?

    And isn’t it the job of the boss’ spouse to be arm candy? I know I always try to wear a little low cut number when I go to K’s office.

    Cause, you know, I am such the trophy husband.

  5. Hee! I have to say I’m more of a traditionalist: 40% of my partywear is held together by safety pins 🙂

  6. McGyver’s kid goes to my school so when I talk to him next I’ll be sure to tell him of his inspirational solution.

    You are on your own with Ranger Rick.

  7. Binder clips? Who knew?
    Move over, duct tape!!!!!!!

  8. Once I was at school before the year started & the district didn’t feel a/c was necessary since it wasn’t a contract day. I was so hot but had nothing to use to pull up my hair. Hello, very large binder clip! I was nearly proclaimed the school fashionista!

  9. You are a genius…I especially love the tip about ‘don’t get all huggy’ 😀

    fyi…Binder clips work wonders in the van when you just can’t take any more arguing, fussing, mumbling, etc. (Just kidding…maybe.)

  10. This is what I love about you…you overcome adversity and STILL look fabulous!

  11. One time I was at a conference in Texas. They had already picked up our luggage and taken it to the shuttle that would take us to the airport when I realized my belt was in the suitcase. I knew the pants I was wearing would not stay up while running through numerous airports on the trip back home so — a rubber band to the rescue. Yes, I stretched a rubber band (albeit a really large rubber band) through the belt loops and looped each end of the rubber band to the pant’s button – voila – an instant, one size fits almost all, improvised belt!

  12. Some trophy wives use fashion tape. I’m glad to hear you are innovative AND beautiful. Besides, huggy huggy is so last year. Air kisses on each cheek are much more in vogue.

    *Where, pray-tell, is the picture of your little shimmery number?

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