Ask Sus: The Self-Congratulatory Edition

So, Sus, some time ago you said that you were going to start running.  When you announce ambitious plans like that on your blog, it’s usually a clear sign that you’re not going to follow through.  Inquiring minds want to know if you’re still pounding the pavement.

Oh, Dear Reader, I thought you’d never ask.  This past week marked the end of my scheduled training runs for the Couch to 5K program I’ve been using and to celebrate actually FINISHING SOMETHING I STARTED, I signed up for my very first race.

Wow, Sus, a whole 5K.  That’s pretty measly really great.  Remind me again why you decided to do this?

I could tell you it was because I was starting to get winded walking from the couch to the fridge or that I needed to look cute in pictures for my upcoming 15th wedding anniversary trip or that I wanted the preferred rates when it came time to renew my life insurance policy.

But, truthfully, it was just because all of my friends here in town started running and I am helpless in the face of peer pressure.

Did you run the race alone?

I was prepared to, but my delightful running buddy Heather signed up to run with me and brought her daughters to enjoy the freezing cold morning as well.  Being the crazy person that she is, she appropriately accessorized them with blinking antlers and red noses.

And let’s just gaze upon her running outfit, shall we?

No one rocks the knee socks like H-Lo.

She’s a party in a box.

Sus, were you festively dressed as well?

I always believe in dressing appropriately for the situation, so for the 34 degrees and spitting snowfall, I was dressed as that little known character, the Christmas Ninja.

Um, that was nice, Sus.  Please don’t ever post a picture like that again.  So, once you got started running the actual race, did you have any course management ideas or one of those things called a “strategy”?

I had a highly developed and carefully thought out race plan, people. My four goals were:

1.  Finish.

2. Finish under 45 minutes and running the whole time.

3. Don’t be last.

4.  Don’t die.

I’m pleased to report that I ran the whole way, that I beat my goal time by six seconds, that I was at least three spots ahead of the lady pushing her stroller and sipping a Starbucks, and I lived to tell the story.

Mission accomplished.

10K, here I come.

Have a nice day.



21 responses to “Ask Sus: The Self-Congratulatory Edition

  1. Whoohoo! Fantastic!

  2. I’m so proud of you!!! Congrats!!!!!

  3. AWESOME!!!! I’m so happy for you!! I love the pictures and felt like I was right there with ya! Congrats!!!

  4. Way to go, CPQ!!! Beware…I started with a 5k last fall and ended up runnnig a half-marathon in the spring…running has a way of annoying one into compliance. Congrats on your first of many such experiences 🙂

  5. You totally rocked the Romp! Woot Woot Woot!! I’m so proud of you for setting a goal, training and then icing that cake with a run in the flurries!
    Next up, 10K and then the half.
    And we all know that we really run for the T-shirts.
    And the opportunity to wear knee socks with blaze orange running shoes.

  6. Way to go! Fantastic! Hurray! Love the photos and your friend Heather for being there with you every step of the way.

  7. Way to go! I’m impressed!

  8. Great post! Congratulations. You go, girl!

  9. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! I hate to tell you, but you are now a full fledged runner.

  10. I am so very proud of you.

    And, crazy story, I wore the same shirt Heather was wearing on that very day. Isn’t that weird? I like to think that it was kind of like I was right there with you….except running. Which would be totally unlike me.

  11. Hooray for you! I’m totally impressed 🙂 Especially by that sweet ninja mask . . .

  12. I’m so proud of you, Christmas Ninja.

    BTW, that get-up made me laugh out loud.

  13. And you didn’t even MENTION it in class on Sunday!!!! Congratulations!!! Quite an accomplishment! I used to run.. years ago…. But never even did a 5K!

  14. Woo to the hoo!!!! YAY CPQ!!!! Love. it.

  15. Well done! I’m so impressed by people who can stick to outdoor goals, especially in winter. Love the ninja shot 😀

  16. Congrats! That is fantastic! Loved your descriptions. It reminded me of when my neighbor was very pregnant and she was running, pushing her two boys uphill and I was huffing it downhill.

  17. SOOO impressed! Way to go, girl. What WAS your time, btw?

  18. I bet you were the only ninja there! Congrats on finishing your race! My motto has always been “complete not compete!”

  19. Way to go! So impressed you ran the whole way! 🙂 I am just starting my 5k program… maybe I we can find a 5k/10k race that we can all run together.
    You know. Once I get myself in gear and actually do day 1 of the program…

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