Oh, look, more fabric

Yesterday was a busy day.  We’re putting our house on the market in the next few weeks and our real estate agent stopped by to take a look at things and give us some suggestions about repairs, staging, etc. to put us in a good position to attract buyers. A month of the boys being home 24/7 coupled with my general holiday laziness about keeping things picked up meant that the house pretty much looked like a tornado had gone through it so I spent about six hours doing some heavy-duty scrubbing, dusting, and mopping to get things presentable for the walk-through.

The good news is that other than a few paint and tile repairs, we’re in pretty good shape to go to market.

As a reward for getting all my chores done, I pulled the sewing machine out of the closet after dinner to sew another pair of pajamas from some fabric that I bought on last week’s trip to Virginia.

I like vintage-looking fabrics and the colors on this one caught my eye.  I was pleased to discover that the second attempt at pajama-making went MUCH QUICKER than the first go-around, and you’ll be pleased to know that no Oompa-Loompas or seam rippers were harmed in this little endeavor.

I met my friend Laura Beth for lunch around 11:00 this morning (more on that tomorrow) and then afterward popped into the fabric store to pick out material for the next two projects.  I didn’t find anything I liked for curtain panels, but found more than enough for the quilt I want to make.  I’m not super decorator-y so it was really hard (as in took me AN HOUR) to pick five coordinating fabrics.

Initially I had picked a bright green fabric to go in the mix and while I was standing there staring at the shelves, I asked a very nice older woman if she quilted and she said “Yes” and when I asked her what she thought about the green, she wrinkled her brow and hesitated.




She politely told me that it would work in VERY SMALL doses which meant “Don’t you dare buy that” so I immediately walked back to the shelf to return the bolt and spent another twenty minutes obsessing over 80 bajillion shades of blue.  I stalked her ran into my friend on another aisle a few minutes later, held up the new choice and she nodded approvingly.


I say all that to tell you quilting people that you’d best be prepared for a barrage of emails from me in the next week or so because my house is clean and the paperwork on my work contract extension still hasn’t been approved so I’ve got time on my hands.

You have been warned.

Have a nice day.



19 responses to “Oh, look, more fabric

  1. I am sure your boys will look smashing in their new pajamas 🙂

    (just kidding)

  2. Now, see? I’m jealous.
    Because I have been wanting to start on a new quilt, but I made myself sign a blood contract that I wouldn’t start a new one until I finish the one I started way back in the day. Only problem with that one is that, well, it’s from way back in the day when country blue and mauve were rockin’ the house…and now everytime I look in it’s general direction I want to gag myself with the little geese and wooden hearts that we used to decorate our houses with.
    Looks like I will never quilt again.

  3. Oooh, so exciting! I love the vintage fabric-what cute pj’s it will make! I want to see the quilt pattern you are going to make. You go, girl! 😀

  4. I’m pretty crafty and it still takes me FOREVER to pick things out. Fabric, paper, stickers, whatev. There are way too many possibilities…and potential disasters. And don’t even get me started on picking out Kleenex!!

  5. I can’t wait to see your quilt!

  6. I love the vintage fabric! It reminds me of the old McCalls paper dolls & patterns. I really like the quilt fabrics too & I was at Hobby Lobby today buying some fabric that was very much like this. I guess G.’s “deco genes” came from me ’cause I love to pick out fabrics to go together… lots of fun! I heard about a new fabric shop in east Raleigh called, ____ Cottage (I was eavesdropping on a conversation @ HL, & I was sure I could remember the name of the store, but the first part has escaped me.)

  7. I was in my JoAnns this week and they are having a big sale starting the 16th on just about everything related to quilting….notions, cutting needs, idea books, etc..

  8. ooohh, and I love all the fabrics you have picked!

  9. Ok, I’m starting to worry about you now QUILTING???????

    Write your book already, that should keep you busy for awhile!

  10. I just did a monogram for someone who used that vintage fabric! Its nice!

    So proud of your fabric purchases…now you can be a fabric hoarder like me.

  11. I L-O-V-E shopping for fabric!!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchase yards of fabric with absolutely no plan for how to use them. I figure I’ll get a pattern later and hopefully I’ll have enough of that irresistible fabric to complete what I later envision. I’ve often toyed with quilting just so that I could justify buying more fabric.

    My mother is an excellent quilter. She has far more patience than I do. She also has a greater attention span which allows her to stick with one project for more than a week at a time. She, however, struggles to coordinate fabrics. I guess that’s why she has me! 🙂

  12. I have to say the hardest part of quilting is picking out the fabric! I still require loads of help when I’m in the store and it usually takes me over an hour to make up my mine. Once I needed 7 fabrics. I got 6 that looks great together and couldn’t decide on the last fabric. So, I put everything back and started over another day. I can’t wait to see what you make.

  13. I will keep you in my prayers about the house being on the market. I feel your pain.
    I LOVE the vintage fabrics. I have always wanted to make a tablecloth out of a vintage fabric. It would remind me of lunch with my Granny.
    Great to see you the other night.

  14. I’ll install a Bat-phone into Nana’s room for you.

  15. Good luck on all your quilting, Carpool Queen. That sounds like one resolution you are going to keep. Yay, you! I have modified my expectations so much over the years that I no longer even risk a daily “to do” list. Currently, I just write down “today’s hopes.” You, however, sound like you are a woman of action. Your fabrics are adorable, btw. I’d have liked green, too, though . . . it’s always good to find an in-store consultant for a little help.

  16. When you learn, you can teach me! :>)


  18. Thinking about the “green” again… I don’t think that lady knew what she was talking about. Green is supposed to be a “neutral”… it goes with almost anything. Of course there are LOTS of shades of green & you did say it was a “bright” green..
    So maybe she DID know what she was talking about… But you did get some green in the fabrics you chose!

  19. The powerful network of women in stores all across America slays me…our motto is “I will gladly answer your question, have an opinion, and will not let you leave the store with THAT.” But the way in which it’s delivered is supportive and encouraging. I love that.

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