In which I explain my absence

People, this little quilting project is taking over my life.

It started innocently enough when I brought the fabric home last week.  Mr. CPQ had to be gone over the weekend so I thought it would be a good time to work on it.  I cut out my squares Thursday night, then Friday night I started laying them out on the floor.

And I didn’t like the look.

So I rearranged them.

And still didn’t like it.

So I rearranged them a third time.

And a fourth.

And the reason I kept rearranging was because I didn’t have enough fabric to do what I wanted to because I CUT THE SQUARES OUT WRONG and basically had to ditch the pattern I had picked out within ten minutes of starting.

Why, yes, it would have been helpful to at least read a book about quilting before starting a project like this.

Did I do that?

Have we met?

I finally settled on layout #7 that was generally pleasing.

And then proceeded to ignore the plaintive calls for food from my children for the entire day on Saturday while I stitched together the top.

But I wasn’t happy with how plain it looked, so I decided to add a border.

And then I thought the border needed a border, so I added on some more.

And then, you guess it, some more after that.

And then higher math eluded me and I bought too much batting so I decided to add two layers of batting because one seemed a little skimpy, and I now have this ginormously thick, heavy, unwieldy quilt sandwich that I’m trying to finish sewing up and it’s taking me a sweet forever plus a new sewing needle every three hours or so because I’m trying to rush doing something wrong and sending needle shards flying across the kitchen with alarming regularity.

On the bright side, I can now change a needle in a matter of seconds without having to consult the owner’s manual.

I was hoping to show you the finished product today but I had to make a little detour to the massage therapist because I got a crick in my neck from sitting at the machine too long I think it’s going to take another week or so to complete and it may be a while before I tackle the next project.

But I do already have the fabric for it.

In sufficient yardage.

Have a nice day.






22 responses to “In which I explain my absence

  1. haha I love you . . . I think it looks great and I’m totally impressed you can sew a quilt!!

  2. This is the sweetest quilt! The borders are my favorite part. Love the 7th layout best, symetrical. See, you have an inner math major you’re channeling!

  3. Vonda Livingston

    OH NO!!! I’m sitting here laughing hysterically! Sorry it’s just funny! No I can’t quilt either so I shouldn’t be laughing but girl you are determined!

  4. Good for you! I would love to learn how to quilt. Maybe after number 4 graduates.

    ‘Quilt sandwich’…hahahahaha

  5. I’m soooooooooo impressed! Great job.

    And thanks for your message today. It meant a lot.

  6. We would not be good crafting buddies…too alike. However, the quilt looks bee-u-tiful.

  7. The fact that you stuck with it speaks volumes. I would have given up and bought a quilt-in-a-bag.
    Turned out beautiful!

  8. Nice! I love ALL the borders.
    Did you break to eat at all? If not, this could be a good diet plan.
    Just sayin’

  9. Its beautiful! Cannot WAIT to see final product!

  10. Quilting is a very dangerous hobby. I quilted for years and began to dream of fabric and geometric shapes. It is addicting and frustrating and rewarding! Hang in there and stock up on needles!

  11. The borders add some extra pizazz! Nice work! I love quilts, but hate cutting out all of the little pieces.

  12. Do you realize how many times you elicit the first laugh of the day from me? I count on you! And I love the quilt…sandwich.

  13. By the way, always stock up on cereal before you start a sewing project. A nifty tip from one seamstress who’s been there and whose family is turning out just fine, thank you very much.

  14. Wow!!! You are working fast and furious!! Looks great!!!

  15. Looks great…I’m trying to learn how to crochet, and if their was such a thing as oompa loompa scarves, I would be in fashion..ha. But Sybil is being patient and saying nice things to me so I wont give up!!

  16. Now you know how quilters work sometimes — patterns, shmatterns. It’s your creation, so have fun with it. You’ve ended up with a beautiful quilt. One of my first quilts was a make-it-up-as-I-went-along pattern, and when it was completed I realized it looked just like a Rorschach test.

  17. That series of pictures reminds me of an old 50’s sci-fi movie. You know, the one where, no matter what the military does, the huge gelatinous monster from outer space keeps getting bigger and BIGGER and BIGGER!

    On second thought, maybe comparing your quilt to a huge gelatinous monster wasn’t the best metaphor to use.

  18. I’m so stinkin’ proud of my biggest girl! Woot!!!!!! I do wish you’d take up things a little less easily, though–makes the rest of us look bad when you try out your new sewing machine and end up with a darling quilt.

  19. GOOD JOB!!!

  20. I still haven’t figured out why the children need to eat when I’m in the middle of a crafty project.

  21. hahahahahahahaha.

    ‘and then the border needed a border…..’

    famous last words.


  22. I like the arrangement you ended up with. I recently sewed a blanket for my nephew. I planned ahead and drew a schematic for how the squares should be arranged, but did not see the error in my arrangement until it was all sewn together! Luckily for me, no one will be the wiser to what my original ideas of how it should be. Planning ahead is not always a virtue.

    By the way, the higher math skills involved in sewing frequently elude me. I tend to end up with far more fabric than I really needed. The upside? Too much is better than not enough. I can always make other projects!

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