A Mixed Bag of Five on Friday

1.  I conveniently scheduled a meeting at lunchtime yesterday so that I could eat at Suwasdee.

Don’t let the friendly little rice bear fool you.

The red curry chicken was four-glasses-of-tea spicy.

2.  I’m still without a work contract and you would think that my house would be spotless with all this extra time on my hands.

You would think wrongly.

3.  I’ve been practicing releasing things over which I have no control to God.  That’s been difficult this week with news of fellow blogger Joanne Heim and a diagnosis of multiple aggressive malignant tumors found in a college friend’s young daughter, but it has kept me on my knees in prayer and led to some good conversations with the people I love.

4.  The people I love are ready for me to stop wearing my hair in a ponytail every.single.day so I’ve finally scheduled an appointment to go in and cut it shorter after a year of growing it out. 

Still not sure if the bangs are coming back.

5.  A new Dunkin Donuts conveniently opened a mile from school and I have rediscovered my love for the old-fashioned.

I may also rediscover those four pounds I lost.



Hope you guys have a great weekend. 

Have a nice day.


8 responses to “A Mixed Bag of Five on Friday

  1. Donuts are my kryptonite and I’m on Weight Watchers; therefore, I have changed my drive route to school to avoid said temptation!

  2. I can’t even walk near a donut…yesterday I could smell them as soon as I walked in the market. When I went down that aisle I did glance at them but I had to say to myself DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT…I resisted and am thru week one of my couch to 5K so yay!

    I need some Thai food. I love it spicy…the green curry is my fave but I also love the red.

  3. I have also been praying for Joanne. So hope to hear good news about her soon. Who is the college friend? Would I know him/her? I can’t imagine getting that news about a child…

  4. Suwasdee. Thai Food?
    If so, then I’m envious to the Nth degree. Even if not Thai, still jealous. Because I love me some curry.

  5. Thanks for praying for Joanne. I got an email over Christmas about a college friend’s daughter. Same one? Gary W?

  6. The dunkin donuts with a drive through are just tooo convenient!

  7. One of my running routes runs right by a donut shop…the only thing that keeps me from going in is how stupid I would look going into a donut shop while out on a run. My vanity clearly runs my life!!

  8. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee vs. Tim Horton’s? Is it a show down?

    Oh, Seattle also has donut shops. Cute, family run donut shops. Right by my house.

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