Long Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Well, I went back to work today and I’ll have you know that I successfully managed to get into the supply closet without creating a SECURITY INCIDENT.

I did, however, end up on some security footage because I had to steal relocate a trashcan out of the upstairs lobby.

But more on that later.

The last time I was working physically in the office was late November.  If you’ll recall, at that time there was a big reorganization and my group ended up packing all our files and moving to another floor and when we arrived at our new location, I didn’t have a desk.  Not to be deterred, I borrowed space daily from whomever happened to be traveling or out sick and that was fine because  it was a short-term inconvenience since I was going to work from home in December while the boys were tracked out of school.

But the boys are back in school now and the office wants me to work more days so when I showed up and still didn’t have a space, I knew it just wasn’t going to fly.  I spied a cubicle that was filled with trash, old computer equipment and the entire floor’s recycling boxes that everyone was issued but no one wanted to keep and decided to claim it for myself.

I called Facilities and in my sweetest voice told them that my cubicle was full of equipment and junk and could they please send someone to clean it out and while they were at it could they please bring me an office chair and a file cabinet because mine seemed be missing.

They didn’t bat an eyelash.

So now I had a desk and a chair but I was missing a trashcan but I solved that problem by relieving the upstairs lobby of one of the NINE they had in an area no bigger than my living room (these are a tidy people I work with) and sat down to start in on the month’s worth of backlog I had waiting.

I was prepared for slogging through a lot of paperwork but I WASN’T prepared for what I found tucked between the pages when I opened the very first file.  It was certainly a warm welcome back to corporate America.

And no, it wasn’t mine.

Have a nice day, and may the fork be with you.


6 responses to “Long Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

  1. LOLOL – and ewww!

  2. Tell me it was unused!

    If not, GAG!

  3. That is so wonderfully odd. Colorful, if you will. 🙂

  4. Maybe next week a free lunch will appear!

  5. you never fail to give me a chuckle while reading your blog – thankyou – & blessings!

  6. Rachel Treichler

    *May the fork be with you.* HaHaHaHa! 🙂

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