Just the facts, ma’am

1.  I discovered the reason my work contract was inadvertently ended was because they kept sending renewal notices to my former boss.

I say “former” because she got laid off.

Last July.

And no one bothered to update the procurement people.

2.  I discovered that when your contract is terminated, all your program/data files are erased from the network.




And no, I didn’t save anything to my hard drive because I was concerned that my laptop would get stolen or the hard drive would crash, and the network servers are the safest place to store data, right?

3.   I discovered that IT likes to make life difficult because they don’t like to go hunting on backup servers for lost data.

4.  I discovered that stressing over losing three years worth of work can bring on a migraine.

5.  I discovered that migraines can make you hurl.


I’m an over-sharer.

That’s why I blog.

6.  I still want my mommy when I’m sick.

7.  Life looked a little brighter this morning when I remembered I had parked a copy of my program files on a shared drive last November so that other people could access it for analysis.  And yes, they were still there.


8.  I celebrated by getting my hair done.

Again with the over-sharing.

9.  My stylist said he wanted to be on the blog (Hi, Scott!)

10.  And I now have bangs.

And bags under my eyes.

Have a nice day.


17 responses to “Just the facts, ma’am

  1. You look fabulous! Love the new ‘do’… So glad Scott made his debut on your blog.

    YAY! You found your files. Sometimes I think that the ancestors of the IT folks were the ones that worked in the dungeons during the Middle Ages…you know, like the ‘pit of despair’ dude on Princess Bride.

    I know you’ll be glad when this week is over…I know I will be.

  2. Love the new ‘do! Though I gotta say, getting there wasn’t pretty. End results, though? So worth it.
    And HI SCOTT!

  3. Kicky. Yep. That’s the adjective I like the best of ones I offered earlier. I really, really like it!

  4. You were made for bangs! They look fabulous on you!
    Take your bad self, hot bangs and your newly found shared drive back to IT and enjoy!

  5. I used to work in HR, so your first point made me laugh out loud – so typical! I’m glad you found some files. And your hair looks great!

  6. Love the bangs but now you have the urge to grow them out right??? ‘Cause that’s what we women folk do cut, grow out, cut, grow out…it is a sad keep-your-hairdresser’s-kids-in-college cycle. But I think these should hang around awhile.

  7. I love the bangs, the pic with Scott, and all the oversharing. Love it.

  8. I like that you have a “stylist.” I still just have a beautician. What else can you call someone who works in a little shack on the side of the road called the Hair Connection? I kid you not; it is a shack. (But she’s good…and cheap…and I get compliments most every week…so I’ll keep my beautician.)

  9. Love the bangs! And the over sharing. 🙂

  10. Cute hair! I’m glad you found your data and I believe blogs are meant for oversharing. It connects us : )

  11. Great haircut! It fits you perfectly.


  12. LOVE the hair!!

    (I have to say it again)


  13. Rachel Treichler

    Wow, the new ‘do looks great! Love some good hairapy! 🙂

  14. Sitting behind you on Sunday I was thinking, “her hair really looks great!” But I love the new do too! (I know, I’m a poet…) You are brave to show your picture with foils!!!! But if I looked that good with foils, I’d do it too.

  15. umm, HELLO cute hair!!! Amazing!

    Glad you’re feeling better! Migraines and hurling are no fun. Hope I get to see you and your awesome hair soon for sewing day!

  16. ok love the hair and didn’t notice the bags, but I’m thinking that they come w/being over 40….it really stinks, I think I would still look ok without the bags….plastic surgery is in my future when hubby gets a job…tell MrCPQ to think about an office here….my hubby could run it til you get here!

  17. You are too, too cute. Sorry ’bout the files and the vomit. 😦

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