For Steve

My brother sent me an email last night with a not so subtle reminder that it was Monday and I had not posted anything to the blog and since he’s the oldest and I generally like to obey my elders, I am obliging him today with his VERY OWN POST.

Oh, he’s getting nervous now.


Steve is twelve years older than I am which means that by the time I was old enough to start remembering things, he was leaving the nest.  I have a few fleeting memories of our time together as children but judging by family pictures we got along famously.

Steve was a typical kid – he loved to tinker around, play outside, tear everything apart but most importantly, he loved to beat the living daylights out of his younger brother, Paul.  They were best friends and bitter enemies, all wrapped into one gun-toting package.

Long time readers of this blog know of the great love I have for all my brothers and I will not embarrass them by gushing because it’s very easy for me to do.

I want to spare them from running into friends at the grocery store back home who will say “I read what your sister said about you” which would mortify them to death so instead I’ll just post their baby pictures because that’s not mortifying in the least.

I will, instead, simply state that I love my brothers because they’ve always loved me.

They’ve loved me enough to buy me a radar detector.

They’ve loved me enough to teach me how to shoot a pistol.

They’ve loved me enough to show me how to punch someone without breaking a hand.

They’ve loved me enough to threaten bodily harm to any stinky old boy who would dare break my heart.

What’s not to love about these guys?

I’ve learned different things from all my brothers but from Steve I’ve learned to have a curiosity about life and to be fearless about trying new things.

He wanted to raise ostriches, so he did.

He thought having a Christmas tree farm might be kinda’ neat, so he planted one.

Drag-racing?  Sure!

Learn to build a computer?  Let’s send off for a book and build one!

Start your own business?  Why not?

Watching him shrug off self-doubt and jump into life has been so encouraging to me to try new things without letting fear of failure hold me back. It’s one of the many ways that he has influenced my life and though I’ve told him that before, I thought I’d embarrass him by telling the rest of you.

I love you, Steve.

This’ll teach you never to bug me about posting again.

Have a nice day.


7 responses to “For Steve

  1. Love the cuffed up jeans…mama was trying to get a few years out of them I think : ) I have a brother named Steve…he’s a good guy too.

  2. Rachel Treichler

    Love looking at old photos like these….your brother sounds like a great guy. I don’t have a brother, but this makes me wish I did! 🙂

  3. My brothers are awesome too…they were younger than me and 21 months apart. To say they like team up to terrorize their older sister would be a grave understatement. Now that we are older they still do it, but I get a bigger kick out of it.

  4. I have a brother named Steve too. He was/is younger and the only boy of 5 so he’s a tad (bullied) whiney but still a good guy. 🙂
    I bet your brother secretly enjoys this. (he just might bug you again in the future.) 🙂

  5. The gun photo should be on a magazine!!!

  6. I don’t think big brothers ever really “get” how their little sisters look up to/idolize them.

  7. awwww…I love you sis. 🙂

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