Monday Musings

I had a delightful weekend that involved eating and talking, eating and talking, eating and talking.

In other words, it was perfectly typical.

Saturday morning I met some life-long friends from Guatemala for breakfast and we spent two fun hours catching up our respective lives.  From there we went to a food tasting in downtown Wake Forest to support a friend/teammate of Mr. CPQ’s who was launching his new BBQ sauce.

Then Saturday night I attended my first ever recently neutered pet party at June’s house where I got to meet a bunch of neat people and hang out with all the Gardens’ pets and eat delicious food and even sit in the famous Angry Chair for six seconds before Francis hissed at me.

Keep away from my brisket sandwich, mister!


Faithful Reader Laurie’s Cute Clogs

I went by myself to the party which is a pretty big deal because parties where I don’t know more than one person are not my strong suit because I’m not so good with the chit-chat, but I sat next to a friend of June’s who was just a delight and we got along famously and talked for most of the evening so everything turned out just fine and I didn’t have to excuse myself to the bathroom and lock the door because I didn’t know anybody.

Not that I’ve ever done that.

It was a back-up plan.

I don’t think I committed any major faux pas (can that be plural?) but I did leave the party with one question which I will pose to you today.  If you are a female and you are invited to a non-work/business party and you are introduced to another female that you’ve never met, do you shake hands with that woman or do you just nod and smile?

I won’t tell you what I did in case I’m wrong.


Have a nice day.

10 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. I normally would shake hands I think.

  2. I just nod & smile – & usually give a dorky little wave. But I’m not all that socially competent, so don’t go by what I said 🙂

    My husband & I met at Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest. Our first year of marriage we lived in a big old house that had been converted to an orthodontist office – we had two rooms upstairs. The house is no longer there. Memories… Then we left seminary & I became a flaming liberal Episcopalian & my husband became a flaming liberal history professor 🙂

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend – all that talking and eating and meeting friends new and old. As far as your final question goes, I just go with the flow. Sometimes I just smile and nod and try to remember to repeat their name back so I might have a chance of remembering it. Other times I do a woman handshake, which in my mind is taking their hand in both of mine and kind of squeezing it like Aunt Bea might do or something. I think it’s a southern thing. Ever do that? And other times, if they look like the kind of woman that might eat my lunch if I did that woman thing, I just shake their hand all official like. I repeat, I just go with the flow.

  4. I think I usually nod and smile. Along with a “nice to meet you.” But my grandmother, who was graceful and classy and thoroughly Southern, would always say “nice to know you” instead of “nice to meet you” which I always thought was much better. I like the nuance of it.
    All that to say, I WILL shake if that feels right, too- especially if a hand is extended.
    It sometimes is hard to know what to do all the time. For sure.
    And I’m very relieved to get an explanation for the party. From FB, it sounded like you were going to witness something traumatic. Glad you didn’t have to witness it, just celebrate it. That was the most creative party I’ve ever seen. And what a great pic of you, CPQ! You are a beauty for sure.

    OK… think that’s all for now!

    Bye! (me gesturing with a wave, but I’d give you a hug, too, if I were there) 🙂

  5. I copy whatever they do first– I’m not much of a leader.

  6. I go with what seems right for the situation. I’m quite certain I mess it up frequently – not that I meet new people frequently.

  7. I saw the pics of the party and it looked like you had a great time!

    At first I thought those heeled clogs were YOUR shoes….which made me happy…but then I realized they weren’t. But I think you would totally rock the clog heels.

  8. Yes. All women need to learn to shake hands firmly, and shake it like you mean it.

  9. I’m only 4 days behind in this conversation, but that pretty sums up my week.
    If it is winter, I only shake hands if someone has offered it first … you know, the germ thing. But I totally agree with momologuer. If you’re going to shake, make it firm, not weak. When a woman (or esp. a man, ewww) gives me a wimpy, lifeless handshake it signals insincerity.

    BTW, at first glance I thought the bbq sauce was called “Pimples” which reminded me of my pubescent years. Then the actual name reminded me of more current years.

  10. At my “special school” they told us to shake hands. That’s they way things seem to happen at most of the events I’ve been attending lately.

    Would that BBQ sauce be good on the jalapeno poppers?

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