Glory Days

There are rites of passage that we anticipate and celebrate.

The first double-digit birthday.

Getting our driver’s license.

Turning 21.

Graduating college.


The birth of the first (and in our case, first, second, and third) child.

And with these rites of passage, there is much rejoicing.

Until this occurs.


Have a nice day, because Mr. CPQ isn’t.


7 responses to “Glory Days

  1. Ah yes – Dr. M got one of those last year – & they sent me one too! I was laughing – hey, I get to cheat & use the discount four years early 🙂

  2. Yes…I keep getting coupons for diapers and formula congratulating me on my new baby. Addressed to me, right name, and address. Hmmm….


    Oh wait, that wasn’t very nice.

    Let me compose myself.




    I just can’t help myself.

  4. Snort.Giggle.
    Next he’ll be getting the Depends samples in the mail. Please promise you’ll tell me when that happens.

  5. Poor guy! Tell him to hang in there…its not all gloom and doom. Eventually he can get a senior discount at alot of great places!

  6. Yeah, I got the first one of those when I was 30. I wrote on it in black Sharpie “I’m ONLY 30!” and mailed it back. Havent heard from them since.

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