Old Mother Hubbard

I’m in Week 3 of the annual Clean Out The Pantry Game and starting to see a lot of white space in the cabinets and the freezers.

Yes, multiple freezers.

I’m Southern and it’s in my DNA to cram extra appliances in the garage.

Mid-January I took inventory of the food I had in reserve and put together a two-week menu plan, and this past Sunday I went back through what’s left and found at least another week’s worth of dinners although I’m sure the upcoming canned sardines tossed in whole wheat pasta will go down in history as The Worst Meal Mom’s Ever Served.

For the most part, I’ve stuck to the plan to buy only the essential fresh items (produce, eggs, cheese, etc.) and my grocery bills for the last three weeks have been $10, $50, and $13, respectively.

Clearly, the $50 week was when I sent my husband to the grocery store for milk and bread.


We’ve had a lot of soup (white chicken chili, chicken tortilla, French onion, to name a few) and cornbread (guess who found out she had FOUR containers of cornmeal in the cabinet) but the weather’s been cold and no one has complained too loudly except for the night I served seafood gumbo and the kids discovered that okra, in its original state, comes without breading.

I was able to stay on plan even during the Super Bowl – I combined frozen spinach, a small jar of marinated artichokes and a package of cream cheese for a chip dip, opened a tucked-away specialty jar of olive spread to serve over baguette slices (made the bread from the fifty pound sack of flour I bought last fall),  and used one of the six jars of hot sauce from the pantry to toss over the chicken wings.

We’re about ready to wrap up this plan for the year because next week the in-laws are coming for a visit and by that time I’ll be down to storage bags filled with mystery freezer-burned product and the green bean casserole that no one touched the first time and yet I felt compelled to freeze it and try, try again.

Suddenly, that sardine pasta doesn’t look so bad.

Have a nice day.

7 responses to “Old Mother Hubbard

  1. This post reminded me that I, on a complete and total whim, bought (not one, but) 2 boxes of cream cheese because I was lured by the $1 price tag in December.

    I think maybe I had had a little too much egg nog that day.

    They are still refrigerating unopened, and certainly near it’s expiration.

    I need a little of your Mother Hubbard skillz.

  2. You’re in the N&O !!!!!! =)
    (sending from my phone so I can say much without getting obscene… Thank you autocorrect…but YAY!!!)

  3. I need to do this same thing so badly…but I just don’t want to. That’s really sad. Maybe you could just come and do it for me. My freezers and pantry are full of so many good intentions that I just no longer have any feelings for whatsoever. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll inspire me…

  4. Just inventoried the ONE garage refridgerator and found: a tupperware of beef broth, one corn dog in a very large corn dog box, half of a pizza worth of frozen pizza dough, 3 flour tortillas, taco meat (already cooked), and a half of a tub of a casserole that like yours didn’t go over too well the first time, but, I too, felt the need to freeze the rest. I guess I was thinking if we had an earthquake that little bit of casserole could mean the difference between death and survival. yep.

  5. Good news/bad news
    Good news: You are mentioned in the N & O and it’s not on the Police Beat page.
    Bad News: THEY MENTIONED YOUR AGE. Oh, my dear, how terrible is that? Why do they include a person’s age in news stories on TV and in the papaer? Does it give the story more credibility if the person’s age is mentioned? Don’t worry, you’re secret’s safe with me, I won’t tell anyone your age!

  6. Okay, I just Googled you… “scates n&o” You have writer peeps!

  7. I cleaned out my freezer recently making meals “to take” so now I’m down to about 16 packages of fish… Need some ideas! And every time I clean out the pantry, someone has a terrific sale on something…
    Got to go to the N&O website & see what I’m missing….

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