Five on Friday

1.  Sadly, I must report the temporary shelving of one of my New Year’s resolutions.  I have stubbornly refused to acknowledge the searing pain in my left foot for the past few months and have continued to train for a half marathon but for the past few weeks the pain has progressed to the point where I am hobbling most of the time.  I have a general distaste for seeing any medical professional for any reason whatsoever so my husband had to pull out the old “Submit, woman!” and told me to go to the doctor to get it checked out.

So I did.

And now I’m the proud owner of night splints.

And orthotics.

And a jumbo bottle of naproxen that is to be my constant companion for the next 4-16 weeks.

And I am officially barred from doing any weight-bearing exercise until my foot is healed.

I am bummed beyond words because it wipes out four and a half months of training and if I’m really honest, I’m dismayed at the prospect of losing muscle tone and gaining back the weight I’d lost but I’m trying to keep my chin up because he said if I followed his instructions to a T, then I’ll be back in my running shoes in a few months, and the best part, I’ll be completely pain-free.

2.  Normally I’m a pretty private person except for getting personal beauty treatments at mall kiosks in full view of other shoppers, blogging on the internet, getting quoted in the newspaper, and sharing pictures of my hair in foils.  I think the limits of my privacy were tested this past week when I dropped into my nail salon for a quick eyebrow wax and my tech invited her visiting BFF into the treatment room with me.

The whole time I was in there they were speaking in their native language and although I’m sure they were comparing notes on the latest fashion trends, it was hard not to think they were talking about me especially since the conversation seemed to get very spirited right after the tech took one look at my brows and said, “Oh, you’re definitely overdue.”

3. I was pleased to find a new swimsuit from Lands End yesterday.

4.  Today was our first sick day of the year.  Travis started heading downhill mid-week with a slight case of sniffles but this morning he’s in full-blown miserable mode so he and I are hanging out together.  I’m sorry he’s under the weather, but I kind of enjoy having the company at home this morning.  He’s an easy patient.  As long as he has a computer, a toy train in his hand, and an endless supply of Corn Pops, he’s happy.

5.   I went to the dealership yesterday to get the oil changed in the Suburban and didn’t realized that I didn’t have my wallet until it was time to check out.  I gamely tried to offer 75 cents scrounged from the bottom of my purse plus two soy sauce packets from my last ill-fated visit to Hibachi Grill but the service cashier, in a quite unfriendly tone, informed me that she was allergic to MSG and then just sat and glared at me.

What was she to do?  Where was she to go?  She was out on her fanny.  So over the bridge from Flushing to the Sheffield’s door….

Sorry, had a little Nanny moment flashback.

ANYWAY, I told her that I would need to run home and get my credit card to call in the number and she sighed and told me that would be fine but as I was walking out the door she muttered “I hope you don’t have an accident on the way home.”


And for the bonus round, fresh off the week when his AARP card arrived in the mail and adding insult to injury….

6.  Mr. CPQ was at the office water cooler talking to one of his consultants about how difficult it was to keep a fitness routine while traveling.  The consultant told him he had a set of exercises PERFECTLY TAILORED for C.

The title?

Yoga for the Golden Years

Have a nice day.



14 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. “As long as he has a computer, a toy train in his hand, and an endless supply of Corn Pops, he’s happy.”

    Sounds a lot like me.

    And orthodics

  2. Stupid fat fingers on an iPhone…

    What I was going to say was having orthodics, AARP and somebody suggesting you’re in the “golden years” is quite the trifecta for the week.

    Just let me know when you guys start talking about moving to Florida.

  3. We can be orthotics buddies. To be in our club, you must become flabby and gripey and wear ugly shoes. I’m sure folks will be lined up to join…

    Sure hope the ‘lady’ at the dealership doesn’t have a need for grace today…because if you can’t show it, you’re probably not gonna get it shown to you. (Except from Jesus…who shows grace to everyone..all the time..especially to those that wear orthotics.)

    Happy Weekend.

  4. At the eye doctos so this may be mistypeJust. Very cute bathing suit.

  5. And you know I cringe when I hear of bad service at car dealerships….ugg! I’m sorry! But remember, if she works in a dealership service department, she smells when she gets home. AND she’s probably pretty flammable.

  6. Cute swimsuit!
    Sorry you have a sick one at home:(
    I just went to the foot doctor this week for unexplained foot pain and swelling that comes and goes. I already wear orthotics for another foot issue, but now I have another set for this problem. When to wear which set wasn’t clear. Wow. Feeling ancient.

  7. So I found this great ap on my smart phone…it is called imap my run. I use the map my run website to map runs for me but this you can have on your phone and carry it with you and it tracks your distance and pace…so when you are ready to get back at it you can go…go…go!!!

    You should do some strength training while you are down and out. My good friend who is a marathon runner says that getting a strong core is key in doing good at long distance running.

    OK I’ll stop pretending I am a personal trainier…or at least stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

    Really sorry you are out of commission for awhile. I should be afaid because your words with friends game will be stepped up a notch…sigh.

  8. 1) So sorry about your foot problem (I’ve had that!)
    2) I used to work in a doctor’s office (husband & wife team) where they spoke to each other in what another nurse called “pineapple talk” (they were Phillipino), & it infuriated us that they did that. But they were our bosses… YOU were the customer at the wax station – RUDE!
    3) I just knew Lands End would do you right!
    4) So sorry for Travis.. & hope the others don’t get it!
    5) RUDE again!
    6) We NEVER open AARP materials – wouldn’t ever join it either, no matter how good the “deals” are, just as a matter of principles (they are ultra liberal, hiding in “do-gooders” clothing.) But I might be interested in the “Golden Years” exercises… just getting real here.

  9. P.S. I saw that suit at Sears yesterday (love that they carry Lands End!) and it was very pretty!

  10. So many things in there made me laugh! My husband will get his AARP card soon and I’m sure he will be thrilled, too., Hope your foot feels better soon! That is going to be hard not to run for a while but you can pick it back up again. I started running a little and I haven’t lost many pounds because I am taking the opportunity to eat like a lumberjack so GOOD FOR YOU!

  11. Love the swimsuit CPQ! Very cute.

  12. Sorry about your injury. I know how frustrating that can be…
    Hope you’re back to normal VERY soon.

    Hope Travis feels better soon too!

  13. I have SO missed reading your blog!!! your blog posts are the highlights of my reader.

    Tell your husband he can sit next to me in my college classroom. Misery loves company. The 31 year old teacher gestures to me every time he says ‘some of our older students’ or ‘for those who have been around for a while’


  14. Rachel Treichler

    Love the bathing suit! I have several in that same style from LE. That print is super cute! Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing (and warm) trip!

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