Cinco on Friday

Alternatively titled:  Snippets of events from my vacation that I can’t seem to work into a full post

1.  The one thing I was most looking forward to on our vacation was eating real (i.e. corn) tortillas.  I was so obsessed with this quest that when our group got into the transportation van at the airport and the driver asked where he was to take us, I said “Take me to a tortilla stand.”

And bless his heart, he did.

I must have had that crazy-eyed gringa look about me.

We drove through some back streets of Puerto Vallarta that were definitely not on the tourist map and wound up at a tortilleria that was little more than four walls, a corn grinder, and a hot griddle.  Secretly, I think Mr. CPQ thought I was crazy, but I gave him that “Go in there and get me a toddler, H.I.” look and he obliged, coming back with a steaming stack of fresh tortillas wrapped in paper.  I handed them out to the crowd and we ate them post-haste and there were GROANS OF DELIGHT and everyone rose and called me blessed and I successfully converted the carload over to the corn side.

2.  Apparently, sun-starved Americans aren’t the only ones migrating to Mexico in the winter.  An unexpected treat was getting to see whales and their babies breaching the water in Banderas Bay every day.

It was breath-taking to see and I am now officially obsessed with whales.

3.  Except for when we were crossing the bay by boat one night to go to a folkloric performance on a remote island and the whale jumped in the air next to the boat and I had visions of winding up on CNN as a casualty report.

Though it would have been great blog fodder had I survived.

4.  When I saw the brochure about the folkloric performance and dinner by torchlight on John Huston’s private island, I thought it would be a memorable romantic experience for my beloved and me but in the excitement of doing something fun and unique, I forgot a few things.

A) Islands are in the sea.

B) The only way to get to islands is on a boat.

C) My husband gets seasick. On boats.

D) Rather easily.

Thanks for taking one for the home team, honey.

5.  We made up for that less than pleasant experience the next night by having an outdoor candlelit dinner mere feet above the crashing ocean waves on a decidedly steady, non-moving platform.  The food was delicious but the company was better and the evening was all the more magical with nature’s soundtrack in the background.

Mexico, I miss you already.

Have a nice day.


13 responses to “Cinco on Friday

  1. Jack, are you reading this? Take me there, pronto. 🙂

  2. Jack, you need to take us with you guys. Come on, Daddy Warbucks.

    Glad you guys had a blast, very jealous as I am looking out the window at one more snow for the winter. ugh. . . .

  3. Anyplace with sun looks good to me right now even if I had to take a boat…said the girl who does boats like Mr. CPQ does boats. 🙂

  4. sun and whales and tortillas??? Sigh.

    Mr. CPQ and I could hang together…fyi-I wear accupressure bands on boats and I have to say I think they actually help. I bought mine in a boating store. Hubs thought that was all in my head until we were on a catamaran bouncing across the seas with a group of his co workers and I was surprisingly not green. His boss’s husband offered me $1000 for them on the spot but I said no way.

  5. Okay. I don’t get the toddler quote reference. Please ‘splain.

    You both look sun-kissed and relaxed. Keep that in a jar on the sill.

    • Please excuse my wife. She led a sheltered childhood and wasn’t exposed to many of the classics, such as Raising Arizona.

      And BTW, this is one of those rare occasions where your and my tastes diverge.

      Yes, I’m a flour tortilla guy.

  6. Did you get any good whale pictures? I want more pictures!

  7. What fun! I just made 42 spicy enchiladas for my freezer. Sure would rather have the fresh, real corn tortillas…yum!

    Glad you are home minus a whale accident.

  8. I love seeing the whales, too! Your romantic evening (not the boat one) sounded SO nice! Warm weather, sea breezes, sound of waves, your honey, & good food…. WOW!!!

  9. Loved hearing about your Mexican getaway. It made me hungry. You two look wonderful and relaxed.

  10. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I would love a little of that warm Mexican sunshine right about now 😉

  11. You really should move to Texas….corn tortillas abound…..

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