Thoughts on Thursday

1.  My husband found cheese in my refrigerator that had expired in November of  2009.

He ate it.

I have no words.

2.  I tell that story as a humorous counterpoint to the not-so-funny behavioral  referral form that came home from school yesterday for me to sign.

Again, no words.

Except to say that parenting is not for the faint of heart.

3.  And on another light note, I successfully managed to make a bad situation worse this morning in carpool when I tried to help a woman whose lock was jammed on her car door.  I not only jammed it further, but also break off a vital piece in the process.

As a consolation, I gave her directions to the Chevy dealership and my phone car charger cord so she could bungee the door shut long enough to drive there.

Seriously, don’t ever ask me to help you with anything.

4.  Speaking of help, I don’t ask for it very well and this week I’ve had to ask three times for some assistance.


I think God’s trying to teach me something and I’m sure it’ll be the subject of a very long blog post when I can sit down to think it through.

5.  The eating of the expired cheese episode is really bothering me.

6.  We ordered shoes on-line from Zappo’s at 9:37 Tuesday night and they were on my doorstep by noon the next day.  And shipping was free, by the way.  They may be my new favorite company.

7.  Shhh…don’t tell the deer but the daffodils are blooming in my yard.

8.  I will have a passel of church ladies descending on my house this evening for a meeting and my house is not “passel of church ladies” clean. I think instead of spending my time vacuuming and scrubbing, I’m just going to make a boatload of desserts to serve while we chat amongst the dust bunnies.

It’s hard to pass judgment over a piece of pound cake.

9.  I may singlehandedly (YES THAT’S A WORD, SPELL CHECK!) topple this conference I’m working on.

10.  The anxiety dreams I’ve been having about it have been delightful, though.  Last night I dreamed I had dozens of pink baby elephants in my lap while Bill Clinton was chauffeuring me in a motor home.

Yep, no words.

Have a nice day.




15 responses to “Thoughts on Thursday

  1. And if you don’t like your Zappos shoes? You can send them back, FOR FREE. Once I ordered 4 pairs to decide on one. They rock! Incidentally, I just found a box of Mac & Cheese that also expired in 2009. Would Mr. CPQ like it by chance?

  2. Oh, I’ve needed a laugh this week. Thank you 🙂

  3. Could you please forward this post to a certain A.J., our OBU classmate? I seem to remember a certain car part that a certain best friend broke off into a certain car when the certain friend was certainly just trying to be helpful and the certain A.J. never spoke to the certain friend again even though it wasn’t HIS certain car and I, I mean she, never understood why he had to get his certain Ps in a W about the situation when the owner of the certain car was very understanding and forgave the certain friend right there on the spot.

    That dream is humorous and disturbing. We should discuss. Miss you.

  4. Not for the faint of heart indeed.

    Desserts always make me blind to dust bunnies. Maybe that’s called having your sugar goggles on.

    And don’t forget – this too shall pass – along with that cheese.

  5. Ummmmm, expired cheeeeeese.

    And you know, MrCPQ could be confused for Bill Clinton. From far away. If you squint just right.

    And finally, not be Debbie Downer, but you do know that you paid for shipping, right? And for return shipping, whether or not you actually use it. And for part of the return shipping of every other Zappos customer,whether or not they actually use it. I guess if you absolutely, positively have to have your shoes in 15 hours, Zappos might be the way to go. But their prices (and profits) are so high that the internet bargain finder in me just can’t get on board that train.

    You can just call me the buzz-harsher today.

  6. You had me at shoes by noon…what is this Zappos you speak of?? I must do further research. BTW aged cheese is a delicacy. BTBTW my dad was right when he said that it would be easy to raise stupid kids…its the smart ones we have trouble with.

  7. Cheese with no mold is good cheese. If he ate the mold, then maybe this was his body’s way of fighting infection. I’m not helping, am I?

    It kind of sounds like a rough week, but I think we can safely say that with sugargoggles on you can do anything. ANYTHING.

  8. Still processing through #1… 🙂

  9. I’m all for the pound cake and could care less about the dust bunnies. They will feel the same. I’m also all for you getting help and not giving any. That’s probably best. And I’m right there with you on the behavior slip. Haven’t gotten anything like that in a while, but I’m still smarting from the many I have gotten in the past. Indeed, you gotta be a brave heart to get through the parenting years!

  10. Ditto The Bug: no mold = edible cheese.

    I get the Zappos thrill. Once you click “submit order” for anything, there’s just an insatiable need to keep checking the tracking info/doorstep immediately.

    Sugar goggles – *snort*

  11. Just finished setting the table for my “church ladies” tonight & set the timer on the coffee maker. It will be such a fun evening. My theory is that you clean mostly after company leaves… Problem was that I had company over the weekend, so some cleaning HAD to be done. Hope you have a great time with your group!

  12. The cheese incident is slightly (ok very) disturbing. I’m weird about eating stuff after it expires, period. Let alone YEARS after expiration.

  13. The Bill Clinton thing is very strange. Especially since I watched a docomentary yesterday about Air Force 1 which focused a lot on Clinton’s presidency and how he used AF1.
    Which wasn’t really a great thing to ponder upon.
    And now… William Jefferson Clinton in Driving Mrs. CPQ with Elephants in Her Lap.

    It might just be too much.

  14. That cheese story is just gross, Susan. G-R-O-S-S.
    The car story (and Amy’s comment) are just funny though. 🙂
    Happy Saturday.

  15. Yesterday I took a 10 year old shopping for a bathing suit. You think its painful to shop for yourself, try shopping with a little girl who looks like you did when you were 16. When you hit a size 0-2 Women’s size … all the suits have padding.

    I thought only Kardashians had bodies of a 16 year old at 10. Maybe we are Armenian.

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