Monday Musings

Oh, I am exceedingly vexed this morning.  I had great plans to embed a video from yesterday’s lunch at Tijuana Flats where Mr. CPQ tasted ghost pepper salsa for the first time.

It was amusing.

It was blog-worthy.

It was an opportunity to poke fun at my husband.

It got erased in the process of transferring it from my phone to the computer.


So just close your eyes and imagine hearing my cackling laughter while Mr. CPQ’s face turns beet red, his head sweats, and he jokes about never needing to take Claritin again.

We had a blessedly quiet weekend which was welcome after last week’s craziness.  We cleaned the garage out Saturday morning and tossed stuff that we don’t want to see in the new house that we haven’t located yet because we haven’t put our own up for sale because it takes us a sweet forever to get off the dime and then I spent most of Saturday afternoon processing registrations for an  upcoming conference.  The software I use to process the registrations has been a little buggy and has threatened to send me off the ledge on more than one occasion, but something clicked on Saturday and I was able to do a lot of work without any error messages which, truly, is a miracle on par with Moses parting the waters.

Sunday was church and lunch and the boys scattered to friends’ houses and I sat on the couch and got sucked into watching Superman I and II for the first time and asking Mr. CPQ questions such as “If Superman came from Krypton, wouldn’t kryptonite be helpful to him rather than harmful since it’s from his natural environment?”

It’s times like these that I usually get the “Oh, you poor little jungle girl” look.

And an eye roll.

Today’s the last day of track for the boys so I’m going to be running a few little errands and getting stuff organized for the next month of track out.  The boys are asking what we’re going to be doing and where we’re going to go and right now I don’t have any concrete plans other than a couple of field trips with Gretchen and Heather.  I’m sure we’ll figure something out and have a grand adventure or two.

Because if we don’t, I won’t be the only one exceedingly vexed.

Have a nice day.


11 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Oh, I hate it when technology gets the best of us…and then disappears.

    Would your track out happen to coincide with our Spring Break 3/21-3/25, because my kids would really like to see the boys. And I would really like to see you. And I would love to crash a field trip with the Three (Raleigh) Amigos.

  2. I know the look of a man eating ghost peppers! Ryan grew them over the summer and then dried them and ground them into pepper flakes. He sprinkles the stuff on EVERYTHING. He actaully ate a fresh one last year, I thought I’d die just watching him. Men are so weird.

  3. I’d never heard of a ghost pepper (I’m the one who removes red bell peppers from everything, let alone the hot ones), until my Behind-the-Seeds tour at Epcot’s The Land a month ago. Now I know another pepper to avoid…

  4. Here’s a little help with a present for MrCPQ:

  5. I have wondered the exact same thing about Kryptonite. It’s not our fault that it doesn’t make sense. 🙂

  6. WHAT??? You have a track-out coming up with no road trips planned? What’s going on???!!
    BTW: I thought your hair looked great yesterday!

  7. Putting on my über-geek hat…

    Kryptonite is not simply material from Superman’s home planet. It is material from Krypton that was changed by the “radioactive chain reaction” that destroyed the planet. Superman’s cells absorb electromagnetic radiation from yellow stars (like Earth’s sun). Kryptonite’s radioactivity interferes with this semi-photosynthetic process, driving the energy out of his cells in a painful fashion.

    And no, this information was not in my head. Google is your friend.

    OK, now I need to go to Home Depot, watch some football, or kill something with my bare hands in order to get my manly mojo going again.

  8. Imnotned: Really?

    Don’t be dissin’ on my Christopher Reeves franchise. 🙂 Actually, Superman was special to me. One of the first and only movies my dad and I went to together as a kid. Our last one together? Star Trek. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I lurved SM2, btw. I wanted him to marry Lois, so badly. Even though…well…can we call her homely?

    You put on some of your gorgeous shoes, and kick that software into submission, Jungle Girl.

    And “takes us a sweet forever to get off a dime”? That’s going into my lexicon today.

  9. Who needs Wikipedia when you have imnotned?

  10. Technology beating me up is the norm around here but I’m sure it was a fabulous video : )

  11. That’s so sad about losing the Mr. CPQ video. Eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to see his face turn red and his head sweat 🙂

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