In which I DIY

I think it’s well-established that I probably shouldn’t be the first one to call if you’re ever in need of assistance unless we’re talking about the removal of pound cake from the premises, in which case you’d better keep me on speed dial because, baby, I’m your man.

I did, however, solve a problem at the house this morning all by myself and did not have to resort to calling the husband or my dad and I’m documenting it for posterity because we’re all about the self-congratulations in this house.

My brand new hair dryer didn’t turn on this morning which was odd since it was working just fine yesterday except for an unfortunate over-crimping in my bangs that I couldn’t beat into submission but that was user error and not equipment failure.  I shook the dryer, unplugged it, read the safety tag, pushed the reset button, and plugged it back in and zippo happened.

Then I did the exact same thing again.

Because I still believe in magic.

I went to the boys’ bathroom and tried to ignore the disaster of biblical proportions another plug.




So I went to the other side of the house to the half bath.

Victory!  No running to Walgreens with wet hair at 8 in the morning!

I dried my hair and then using my superpowers that come from overdosing on the DIY Network getting ideas for improvements at the next house on which we haven’t even made an offer, I deduced that it had to be one of those switch things behind the ugly panel in the laundry room.

I’m sure there’s a technical term for that.  It just escapes me right now and I don’t want to google it to find out what it’s called.  Besides, showing my ignorance will give my brothers every opportunity to feel superior and lord it over me the next time we see each other.

There were lots of switches and not a whole lot of descriptors as to which one went with what, but I saw one that looked ever-so-slightly not aligned with the other ones and holding my breath that everything was properly grounded, including me, I flipped the switch.

And the house exploded.


I fixed the problem.

Which is unusual in my case.

Admit it, you were expecting something awful to happen, weren’t you?

Have a nice day.



7 responses to “In which I DIY

  1. Awesome…. great job!!!!

  2. Way to go!
    One of my greatest fears (next to running out of mascara) is a non-functioning hairdryer with no back up.

  3. I can manage without a hair dryer cuz I can work a curly twisted up do. But a clothes iron – no way! I can’t manage to rock the twisted clothes look. Ha!

  4. “one of those switch things behind the ugly panel”

    I can hear MrCPQ doing a facepalm from here.

  5. Way to go!

    Those switches feel so powerful don’t they? Like you will turn off all the energy to the entire neighborhood…or at least to the deep freezer full of food. And you are just hoping against hope that that one switch isn’t the one that will cause everything in the world to go dark. But then you flip it, and all is well and you go about the day thinking you can conquer ANYTHING.

    So, I guess what I am saying is this: you’ve only flipped a switch, but really? You’ve conquered the world.

    Happy Friday!

  6. Okay, so once John was skiing in the mountains and I was home alone with the kids and our security alarm started screeching at 2am. We’d only lived in this house a few months and we didn’t subscribe to the alarm service so it was up to me to shut the thing off. I COULD NOT figure out how so I called the police and they told me to flip the BIG switch at the top of the breaker box. It shut down the power to the WHOLE house. The alarm stopped but I couldn’t throw that switch back ‘on’ to save my life. My phone was disconnected (because the phone plugged into the wall) and I had to manually open the garage and drive to the police station (with three kids IN THE SNOW) and get the policeman to follow me home and flip it back on. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO….I think you’re simply AMAZING and have SUPER HUMAN strength. You’re awesome! You rock. You are the DIY queen.

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