Five on Friday

1.  I am in a little bit of shock as I just measured Tommy, my 11-year-old child with the size 12W shoe.

He is 5’10 and I don’t know what to do about that because in one more measly half-inch, he’ll be caught up with me.

Somebody, quick, send me a brick to put on his head.

2.  Not to be outdone, JJ and Travis decided to grow THREE inches since the last time I measured them.

They are 5’3″ which means I still have a few more inches to get my bluff in.

3.  We’ve been making some home improvements this week.  After 5 years, we finally hung closet doors in our bathroom and Tommy’s room.  I also figured out a way to push the stove all the way back so that it’s flush with the countertop.

Yes, it stuck out for 5 years and the fix took 4 minutes. I cringe to think of all the aggravation I could have saved myself if I had just taken the time to think it through and do something about it.

4.  We painted the shutters black – they were 1970s white  – and also fixed the carpet in the boys’ closet where it was ripped from that time the kids decided it would be fun to lock the cat in overnight and see what happened.

5.  I’m ready for the April issue of Southern Living to come out so that I can stop making the pound cakes from the March issue. They had seven different variations, and I’ve made four in the last three weeks.

Frangelico pound cake?  Yes, please.

It helps me get over the shock of seeing eye to eye with my baby boy.

Have a nice day.


12 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. Well, I’m 5’4″ so he’s already got me beat by 6 inches. Excuse the language, but holy crap! See, this is another reason I didn’t have kids – my husband is 6’2″ & I would have been dwarfed by even MORE people.

  2. Re: keeping the kids in check, I’ve got two words for you:

    Shock. Collars.

  3. All your boys are now officially taller than me. And in one case, much, much taller.

    And isn’t it maddening that you get your house all perfect for someone else when you should have just done all of this stuff a long time ago so that you could have enjoyed it yourself. Urgggh…..

  4. Ooh, did you make the one on the cover?? I just keep looking at it and dreaming. It looks heavenly. One day I’ll make it!

  5. I am so with you on the pound cakes! I’ve tried three of them but in my defense I took them to events. The almond was heavenly with that buttery syrup poured over the top. Oh my!

    Also, my mom mentioned the Natural History Museum has a great mummy and dinosaur exhibit-not together : ) that she saw with my nephew. Might want to check that out when you’re in town too. And if you do the run up the Art Museum steps be sure to see the armor once you’re inside. They have a very cool armor room.

  6. Yeah…I am the oldest of four and the shortest by about 6 inches…we play the “who should stand next to Amy in pictures” game…fun times.

    My son has surpassed me and I am pretty sure my gal will too.

    Short people got no reason…

  7. My son passed me up over a year ago (he was 13). It is odd that I look up at him when I’m explaining (read shouting) something for the eleventy billionth time.

  8. So now even your “shorter” boys are taller than me! I told JJ just a couple of weeks ago that he was going to pass me in height before long…
    I wanted to make a pound cake last week & didn’t do it, but now I’ll have to get out my SL & try some of those (I’ve never had one of their recipes fail!) I bought some Frangelica a few years ago (no expiration on that, right?), then couldn’t find the recipe I bought it for… So this sounds like a good use for it!

  9. I heart you, Susan. And your boys are probably ALL taller than me. Sigh.

  10. I thought you would like this link to another person’s blog in the March for Pound Cakes Club. :)))

  11. Hope you have a wonderful time. Ring the bell of liberty for me… or leave that up to the boys 🙂

  12. Ok, I”m behind in your blogs, but I made that lemon coconut pound cake twice already…it was soooooo goooooddddd…

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