Monday Musings, a day late

1.  We sold the Suburban over the weekend.  It was something that we’ve been talking about doing for a while because Tommy and JJ’s legs have grown longer and had started smushing the seat in front of them.  It had also become challenging to lift Travis in and out of it since the deck sits so high.

We bought a Sienna, and I think I’m going to like it once I get over the fact that I’m a mini-van mom.

I feel like I’m wearing the cone of shame.

2.  Speaking of shame, I’m feeling awful that I forgot to call my sister-in-law to wish her a Happy Birthday yesterday.  She reads this blog (or at least she did before I forgot to call her), so “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PATTY!!!!!!!!

3.  To celebrate Patty’s birthday, I’m taking the boys to Philadelphia for a few days.  The forecast calls for 43 degrees and raining, all four of us have bad colds, and I’m PMS’ing.

This doesn’t have disaster written all over it, does it?

Have a nice day.




9 responses to “Monday Musings, a day late

  1. I love your sense of adventure!! The mini-van is not really a bad thing. I think it will grow on you.
    Have a good trip!


  2. I had to laugh at your comment about getting a minivan. I had always wanted one, and thanks to Mr. and Mrs. ImNotNed, at the ripe old age of 65, my dream came true!

  3. We just bought a 2008 Sienna the other day. I love it. But I also love my minivans!! Loads of room. And yes, it is lower than a suburban, even lower than my dodge caravan i had. I think you will learn to love it! Have a great trip! We are off to D.C. with 7,000,000 others for the Cherry Blossoms–and to see my sister.

  4. Have a great break away with the kids – pms or not! Blessings!

  5. Thank you for the birthday wish….and it’s right on time since today…ahem…is my birthday..hehe, Don’t worry one of your brothers sent me an early birthday text, he thought it was yesterday also, blamed it on his calendar (it’s always the computers fault..ha).
    Love ya, have fun in Philly!

  6. Have a wonderful trip! Did I tell you to eat a cheesesteak? : ) Geno’s at 1219 South 9th Street reportedly has the best…it’s a walk up to the window place but always hopping!

  7. I love my van. You’ll love your van..but if you don’t want to tell anyone, I’ll understand.
    Have a great trip..cannot wait to hear about all the adventures!

  8. “and I’m PMS’ing.”

    Note to self: Make sure to take Tommy, JJ, Travis, and J out to dinner the night CPQ is in town.

  9. I sobbed — LOTS — when we traded in our CRV for a minivan. I’m okay with it now, but it was a very, very bad day. In fact, that was what started my public writing adventure. I wrote a very emotional article about it which was promptly picked up by an editor and — voila! I became the literary giant that very few people know exist. 😉

    ps: I hope you have a superior time in Philly this weekend!! And don’t worry — our forecasts change almost hourly. You may end up with an absolutely beautiful couple of days!

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