Thoughts on New Jersey

I wrote this big old long post about the last twenty-four hours of our trip and the ^{>{*~!>]*{¥!~%{+|! computer lost it.

And since I’m slightly overdosed on Children’s Dimetapp because I forgot my NyQuil, I don’t have the mental capacity to remember what I wrote in the first place, so I shall sum up, in list form, a few thoughts about New Jersey that I had more eloquently expanded upon in the heretofore mentioned entry.

1. People drive like maniacs here.

2. There seems to be a general prohibition against making left turns anywhere. I have found this disconcerting on more than one occasion.

3. People dress a little more festively for dinner. I saw more sequins at the diner last night than I’ve seen at most junior proms.

4. I have yet to see a female wearing tennis shoes. High heels seems to be the order of the day (and I am going to wear a sign tomorrow that says “My podiatrist makes me wear these shoes.”)

5. The bakeries are beyond amazing.

6. I was surprised to be called “honey”. I thought that was more a southern thing.

7. I haven’t heard “ma’am”, though, and that makes me a little homesick.

8. There seems to be a love affair with the toll road.

9. It’s way more diverse than I expected.

10. Hair volumizing is an ART.

Have a nice day, youse guys.


8 responses to “Thoughts on New Jersey

  1. You are too cute! Well, at least the bakeries are good 🙂 You can’t make a left turn anywhere in Phoenix either, except at certain times of the day. But while I’m trying to figure out what time the sign says I can make a left turn and then I’m trying to figure out what time it currently is, I collect angry drivers behind me and just skip the left turn and do the right circle around the world thing. Drives me crazy!

  2. 1. yes they do-the secret is not to make eye contact and they have to let you into the road you need to be on.
    2. The jughandle-you get used to them. You need to know where you’re going before you get there.
    3, 4, 10-they don’t call ’em Jersey girls for nothin’ ya know!
    5. agreed
    6. Honey in NJ is not the same as honey in NC, just sayin’
    7. My girls say ma’am…course they live in SC
    8. Oh my word-yes!
    9. that goes in the pro column when I make my mental list…you didn’t mention the fact that you aren’t allowed to pump your own gas here…that’s the best thing about living in NJ : )

    I hope you were in South Jersey and not North Jersey because we could have met at a turnpike rest stop if you were up North : ) The accent up here is different too…you get the Philly accent ‘down south’. Safe travels!

  3. sounds like a fantastic trip!! makes me want to go to Jersey!! I’ve actually been there, but did not have the same experience where I was. I like your experience better.

  4. John travels to NJ often because he’s been collaborating for the past couple of years with a guy who lives there. He tells me stories similar to yours…and his stories from dining out in the evenings are my favorite! Me thinks it’s quite a bit different than CO. 😉

  5. Have you seen Snooki and The Situation yet?

  6. It sounds as though parts of NJ haven’t changed in – oh – 30 or more years! I love the Neptune / Ocean Grove area – board walk, the massive hall (building) where Easter tent meetings were held – the 5 & dime store – so many memories you have brought back – thanks for the wander down that part of my life!

  7. And, though I know you’re not in this stage, I would add from our NJ trip a month or two ago:
    11. It is nearly impossible to find a changing table in a public restroom.
    Not good times when you have one under the age of 2.

  8. As a former LI/NJ girl I love your vacation posts! Just got back from visiting on LI, too!

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