Because you will never see the house this clean again

We’ve spackled.

We’ve sorted.

We’ve painted.

We’ve purged.

Tomorrow our cozy little nest will be listed, approximately 30 minutes after the tile guy and the cleaning service have left.

And since my mother has never seen my house this picked up, and just in case a local blog reader is looking for 3-bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, two-garage, all-brick ranch on a flat acre of land minutes from Falls Lake, here’s the reason why I haven’t blogged this week.

Have a nice day.


18 responses to “Because you will never see the house this clean again

  1. Your house has such a pretty setting! That dogwood tree is gorgeous! I have one out front that started to bud just before it was struck (again) with heavy snow. We may get more tonite so I don’t know if the poor thing will ever bloom!

    Best of luck selling your house-I hope you have a bottle of wine tucked away somewhere : ) It’s stressful!

  2. I am so impressed…with you and your home! I’d buy it in a heartbeat, if I were in the market. Looks so much like the house I grew up in…I truly do love it! Way to go! and best wishes on striking a great deal…fast!

  3. It should sell in a day with all those gorgious trees etc. Best of blessings for you!

  4. Looks great! My house is not for sale, but it does need a thorough cleaning. Since you’re in that mode I thought … oh, … well, … never mind.

  5. It looks fantastic! We are trying to get ours ready to list by May 1. We have a long way to go, tho. Good luck! I hope God brings you just the right buyer!

  6. What a pretty home! Wishes for a quick sale and that you find your dream home asap!

  7. It’s so clean! 🙂 and I love the surroundings with all the pretty trees!

  8. Good luck! I hope you sell very quickly – your home is gorgeous!!

  9. congrats! I know what an awful amount of work it is to get a house ready to sell. You did great! If I get a buyer, I’ll bring them your way! 🙂

  10. As I commented on your May 26, 2009 post …

    You have a piano?!?!

  11. Best time of year to list it with those beautiful trees in your yard! I guess you didn’t need me since I didn’t hear from you.. but since you did such a fantastic job on yours, how about doing mine next?
    Hope it sells super fast!!!

  12. Well done! Looks awesome!!!!

  13. It looks awesome! And how smart of you to sell when the blossom is on the branch!

    I know someone will buy it quick!

  14. Looks fabulous!!! I want to know what you do with all your stuff while it is on the market? After living here for 9.5 years, STUFF accumulates. Sigh.

  15. Since I’ve been so absent lately (sheepish look) did I miss you telling WHY you’re moving??? …cause that house is GORGEOUS! I would buy it in a second…if it was here in Oregon.:)

  16. Gorgeous! It will sell in days!

  17. Your house looks great. We sold our house last May after it had been on the market for a month. I’m sure yours will also sell quickly.

  18. it’s a beautiful house, have you called my sis? tempted her with it since wedding bells are on the horizon? I’m tempted with it but…. By the way, why move?

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