Measure Twice, Cut Once

We had to make a late night run to Home Depot to get a short section of base molding and quarter round for a repair to the wall where we pulled out a built in bench.

And, as with any home project, we’ll be making a repeat trip to the store.

Because there’s a big difference between 3’9″ and 39″.

Have a nice day.


6 responses to “Measure Twice, Cut Once

  1. (snort)

    And so very glad that this happens to people other than me.

  2. That made me smile this morning! Your house looks beautiful by the way! Wish I were in the market!

  3. I seriously needed that visual.

    Happens over here all.the.time.

  4. Yes, that difference would be 6″.

  5. HaHaHaaa (Actually, I’m laughing at me)
    That’s the kind of thing I do!
    Or worse, here’s what I did

  6. This looks like a wall in my house… 🙂

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