Monday Musings

While I’d love to be cheerful and bright, the truth is that this morning I’m trying to shake off discouragement and its accompanying cloud of funk because over the weekend the house we wanted to make an offer on once our house sold has gone under contract.

Mr. CPQ and I talked extensively last month about just going ahead and purchasing it but in the end agreed that we didn’t want the stress of making two mortgage payments if ours didn’t sell quickly.

And I know that was a sound decision.

And I feel peace that it was what we were supposed to do.

And I knew there was a chance that we could lose that house but I glibly said, “God’s going to hold it for us and if He wants us elsewhere, He won’t.”

And even though I said that, I’m kinda’ sorta’ really disappointed this morning because I’m an optimist and always count my chickens before they hatch and was already placing furniture and picking paint color and I’m trying to practice not very well what I preach knowing that there’s something else better for us.

So it’s back to the drawing board, the real estate listings, the “should we build or should we buy” discussions, and the apartment scouting just in case our house sells before we find what we want (which has happened before and wasn’t altogether that awful).  And I’m trying to rest on the fact that something better will come along but my “resting” sure does look an awful lot like “stewing”.




Have a nice day.



17 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Oh I know that feeling well. I try not to fall in love with a house before its ‘ours’ but that’s easier said than done! So sorry for the disappointment. There is a house out there for you…in hindsight you’ll see the beauty of that but its tough from the front end : ) We made an offer on another house before this one and we didn’t get it because they wouldn’t budge even as much as $1 off the price. We ended up in this house which we didn’t think we could afford but they had another place to get to so they negotiated. I am completely in love with this house and when we drive by the other one I realize how lucky I am that one didn’t work out. Hang in there!!

  2. Of all the houses I wanted, when we first moved down here, and we didn’t get….God was REALLY watching out for us. I couldn’t see it at the time, but He knew the blessing of this cul de sac that the kids can run and play in and the SWEET neighbors we have. He always knows SO MUCH better than I do. Duh! 🙂 Will I never learn??

  3. Oh I hate that place. I did that a time or two myself…The house I fell in love with the first time we moved here was on November Drive. It was a nice house…everything I could dream, in a wonderful neighborhood. I had moved in furniture and planted flowers and was devastated when I pulled up the listing and the status was changed to ‘Under Contract.’

    I remember exactly where I was – at my friends house drinking coffee, sitting on the floor with her lap top on my lap….dev-es-stated. And then trying to act like I was normal….like I hadn’t hung pictures on the wall.

    Months later, we moved into the Little Yellow House on the Hill. Which was more than my dreaming could want.

    I drive pastNovember Drive about 5 times a week….a little reminder that God is in control and he has the BEST in store for me…even when I grumble.

    Hang in there!

  4. Oh, my oh my. It’s so funny. I said the STUPIDEST thing the other day that totally relates to this. I was discouraged because we’ve shown our house a hundred times (or at least it feels like that) and it has been three months and I said to Jack, “If Lynn can’t sell our house (she’s the top realtor in town), who can?”


    Then he put me in my place.

    “Uh… THE LORD???”

    Oh yeah. 🙂

    Seriously. It is HIS house in the first place, we are HIS, the process is in HIS hands. The Creator of heaven and earth.


    How soon I forget.

    Will be praying with you my friend.

    Love to you today. 🙂

  5. Think Big Picture …

  6. Ditto the above comments. Although… the house where WE currently live was under contract before we bought it.(We were moving from one city to another at the time… had made the trip to the new city and liked the house. When we came back to look again… it was sold… or was it?). I had moved on to looking at other houses, but it was a weird time when there were hardly any houses for sale (hard to believe considering how it is now).

    In between seeing the house and it being “sold” to someone else, I had prayed ALOT for this house. Turns out, during the weekend in which we had returned to look again, the other buyer’s deal fell through. It was God’s way of saving the house for us. (Before we bought it, our house had been under contract 5 times and 5 times the deals had fallen through. Each time a deal fell through, the sellers had dropped their asking price!)It is so cool to know, as everyone else has said, to KNOW you are supposed to be where ever you land. Especially important to remember, in our case, when our “charming” 1923-era house has yet another major problem!

  7. I’m sorry. I’m so tempted to say something “cliche” right now, but I’m not. I’m just going to say that I’m sorry and I hate that you’re discouraged. Hang in there.

  8. Oh no! I’m so sorry, and I can totally related to the house-related disappointments . . . I’ll be praying you find the PERFECT house 🙂

  9. Lydia Stevenson

    Been there done that recently and said the same thing then bawled my eyes out. Hugs to you today.

  10. Ag, bummer. SO sorry to hear…
    love and hugs, xx

  11. Oh sister, I am going to be in your shoes in (hopefully) a few weeks when our home goes on the market. Like you, I know God is all over this move, even when things dont work out quite like we planned. Hang in there, do some shoutin when nobody’s home, and move on. We can make it!

  12. Had the same thing happen several years ago: THE perfect (in my eyes) house picked out & I was INFLAMED when someone else bought OUR house! I couldn’t believe that it could happen like that! Then God gave us a much better house in a much better location, one I never expected to have. Praying for you during this discouragement, knowing that God does have something really special in store for you & your sweet family.

  13. My perspective: Over the past 3 years that we’ve tried to sell our house, we’ve been where you are now. We never dreamed our house wouldn’t sell since we priced it low. We’ve dropped the price so much that it’s now at a $100K loss for us. We’ve spent more than a luxury car on updates. So now our price range for the next house is considerably less, so imagine if we had bought a house in our initial price range 3 years ago! Our realtor is coming tomorrow to help us relist yet again. Even though keeping the house show ready while homeschooling kids who are chronically messy is stressful, I’m SO GLAD WE WAITED! You will be too!

  14. ooohhh maaaan.
    So very sorry.

  15. I hope everything works out perfectly for you in the timing of your selling/buying/renting/building options. I remember that before we bought this house (20+ years ago) we had our heart set on it, and someone else came in with a ridiculous offer at the same time that was something like $30,000 MORE than the asking price. We were devastated. But then God made a way; their loan application was turned down (something the realtor said NEVER happens) and we ended up getting the house after all. It has been cool to realize that being here has been a total gift from Him. All that to say . . . you may still get the house of your dreams 😉 I am so impressed that you are even willing to pack up and move the family. You must not be as lazy as we are 🙂

  16. This sucketh, and I am sorryeth.

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