In which I talk to the help desk guy

Mr. CPQ was away on business last night and I was sitting in the recliner with my feet propped up (I always have my feet propped or tucked under me) and decided that it was time to tackle some of the forty-odd shows that are on the DVR that he doesn’t care to watch.

You know, like General Hospital Meet the Press.

I hit the power button on the screen and noticed that the DVR had cycled off so I rebooted it and in the meantime got busy looking at listings for new houses.  Thirty minutes later, I noticed that it was really quiet in the room and glanced up only to see a big “CLIENT INITIALIZATION ERROR” on the screen and decided that I better reboot again.

And, of course, got the same message.

So I unplugged it.

Because hope springs eternal.

And nothing happened.

By this time it was close to 11:00 and I decided that I’d try to get in touch with AT&T U-Verse technical support because apparently I had nothing better to do that close to midnight and I also knew that someone was going to be pretty unhappy about not having Blue’s Clues available come 6:00 a.m.

So I logged into the chat window, put a jillion question marks in the field where I was supposed to log in my account number, hit enter, and received the notice that I was 66th in line for assistance.  At that point I decided that I was going to commit to the process and half an hour later, my chat window popped up and poor Ajit sitting in a windowless room somewhere across the world had the misfortune to get the least technical person in America to deal with.

We re-booted, we unplugged, we checked the router, we discussed HPNA status (which I have no idea what that is and said “All I can see is a green blinky light” which I know was extremely helpful and informative) and ONE HOUR LATER, I still wasn’t any further along with my problem.  And Ajit said “I have exhausted my resources.  I think we need to schedule a technician to come by your house.”  And by this time is was well past midnight and I was exhausted as well as sad that I was missing my nightly reruns of The Nanny and so I typed “Sounds like a plan!”

And Ajit typed, “I am so sorry you  feel that way.”

OH NO!  I just inadvertently offended him!!

And then I panicked that there was some form of cross-cultural miscommunication going on and the last thing I wanted to be perceived as was a non-technical mean and ungrateful American and you should have seen my fingers fly across the keyboard reassuring Ajit that I was in no way, shape, or form upset at him, but everything that I seemed to be saying was not jiving with his standard templates that he was supposed to be using, and he kept repeating how sorry he was and in the end, I realized there was not going to be any nice way out this and so after I got my appointment time, I ended up putting a bunch of smiley faces in the chat window and thanking him with an overly abundant amount of exclamation points.

And then I was so worried that he might think I was upset at him that I stayed awake until 2 a.m.

The end.

Have a nice day.



3 responses to “In which I talk to the help desk guy

  1. I used to work on a computer help line…I think he was messing with you. What you said isn’t even close to what he normally gets…trust me. : /

    Hope all things technical are working for you very soon!!

  2. If there was anyway possible to forward Blue’s Clues to you, I would do it!
    Is that a Nickelodeon show? If so, try their website….I’m pretty sure my kids watch iCarly on it, so I’m guessing you could find other shows too.

  3. I think that must be the lasting effects of a cross-cultural missionary kid. Especially the part about the ungrateful american. And wanting to be extra nice to the man having to work with us. I resonate with such things. . . . and good luck with all that. 🙂

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