Five on Friday

1.  Wednesday night I was walking through the garage and noticed that the veneer on the interior closet door was starting to pull up.  And because I have this compulsive need to pick at things that are sticking up, I pulled at the veneer.

And a three-inch wide strip the length of the door came off.

I panicked because my door now had a ginormous stripe on it and thought that maybe it wouldn’t be so noticeable if it had a corresponding stripe on the other side.  So I pulled that off except that it didn’t come off as cleanly as the other strip and now I had jagged pieces of broken veneer with which to contend.

And did I mention I had a potential showing the next day?


So as soon as I dropped off the boys at school on Thursday I headed to Home Depot and wandered the door aisle with a dazed and confused look until someone stopped to help me and let me tell you what, nothing gets you service faster than saying, “I need to fix this before my husband comes home.”

I had high hopes of just buying veneer and gluing it to the door but apparently you can’t do that and the guy told me that I would need to paint the door.  So I went over to the Paint Department with my pitiful piece of broken veneer and asked him if he could match it with his handy-dandy paint matchy thingy but he said no because the veneer was mahogany striped and the computer couldn’t read the striped pattern.

By this point I was had been twice stymied and I must have looked like I was about to melt in a heaping puddle of goo and he took pity on me and walked over to the wall of a hundred bajillion shades of brown and we tried to pick out something that would approximate 30-year-old faded mahogany and then I went back home to start my project.

I scraped.

I spackled.

Gah! Red John!!

I sustained an injury.

And then I painted.

And the sad thing is, at the end of this project?  I still had a very tired 30-year-old-looking door.

Paint was still wet in this pic – it really isn’t stripey, I promise!

2.  Speaking of tired, I am on an insomnia jag and have been watching a lot of late night television.  Last night I watched six episodes of House Hunters and was disappointed with the choices that everyone made.

I also made plans to move to Australia and live in a million dollar house in the rainforest.

Just because I can’t sleep doesn’t mean I can’t dream. 

3.  Speaking of moving, no action on our house yet but we’ve had five showings and positive feedback.  I made a list of 15 houses that I’d like to check out and spent some time yesterday driving around to see what the neighborhoods looked like.  I have a few more in another part of town that I’ll drive by today – They’re a little closer to church and Mr. CPQ’s work but would require a school change and I’m not too sure how I feel about that.

4.  I am wearing grey/gray nail polish which is very unusual for me but I think I like it.

5.  Speaking of like, we went to a school event last night at Chick-Fil-A and as we pulled in, Tommy asked if Logan was going to be there.  I pointed to his friend Logan who was in the parking lot with his mom and Tommy said, “No, the OTHER Logan.”  I shrugged my shoulders and didn’t think anything else about it until this morning when we got to school and Tommy rolled down the window and practically threw his body out to wave and shout “Hi, Logan!”.

To a very cute 5th grade GIRL.

And so it begins….

Have a nice day.


8 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. Come to where I have moved for 3 months–Sun City TX ie Georgetown.
    With your help I woould have it tamed in one week! luv, N.

  2. You’re hilarious! Oh, and I’ve been thinking about wearing gray or dark gray or some other unusual shade of polish on my nails too. You inspire me!

  3. So did you get away with just telling Mr. CPQ that you had the sudden urge to paint the door, or did he even notice? PS, gray nail polish is FABULOUS. Go you!

  4. Is it me or Does the spackling look like a smiley face?

  5. I commend your efforts!!! I’m sure that would have made me too worn out to make dinner that night. Ha! I tried gray nail polish. It made my hand look dead. Not a good look on me. Maybe I need a different shade than I had. Praying for a quick and easy sell/buy transaction for you!

  6. I bought “spring pink” last night but wasn’t too happy with the way it looked on my hands. Shoulda gone with the grey I’ve been admiring on several people lately. At least my girls will wear the pink… on their young nothing-looks-bad hands. 🙂

  7. My 4th grader has been brushing his hair and teeth before school every day. It has me very curious. Surely there is a girl involved.

  8. I’ve got that gray/grey w/ a brown undertone, called “mocha”. I’ve tried it a few times. Not sure if I’m a fan. Might have to go drastic, like a sheer pink, again.

    Logan. Heh, heh, heh.

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