Nooooooorth Carolina where the wind comes sweeping down the plain

So, we had 62 tornadoes touch down in North Carolina on Saturday.

That was, um, interesting.

I knew that we’d probably have some bad weather but wasn’t too concerned because our typical pattern sends storms to the north of us.

I was wrong.

The wind started picking up in the middle of the afternoon and the tornado watch alert popped up on the television, but I kinda’ ignored it because we never get that kind of bad weather in our neck of the woods, but it wasn’t too long before I noticed that the weatherman was using words like “dire emergency” and “life-threatening” and started to realize that the storm track looked to be headed right towards our part of town.

I didn’t want to alarm the kids but gave them a heads up that when I said it was time to go to the closet, I really meant it.  I’m from Oklahoma – we don’t mess around with tornadoes – and, of course, that’s all it took for one to begin wailing that he was too young to die.

Which really added to the zen calm that already permeated the atmosphere.

Those of you who know us personally will have no problem guessing which one of the kids that was. 

And yes, the lament was delivered with every bit of drama as you can imagine. 

Within a few minutes they were telling the ENTIRE city to take shelter, so I herded the boys into their bedroom closet and immediately regretted that I hadn’t made them take a shower the night before.

I could tell when the tornado got close because the windows started rattling and the rain and wind were so fierce that I couldn’t see past the first tree in the front yard.  I was watching the radar on my iPhone (hooray for the Weather Channel app) and started to relax a little because I could see that it was going to skirt to the south of us.  I wasn’t too concerned at that point about the house blowing away but I was steeling myself to see a tree come through the roof.  Fortunately that didn’t happen and after a few minutes of very close togetherness and some forced cheerfulness on my part to keep the troops together, I saw the sky brighten and knew we were in the clear.

We went out to survey the damage, but other than some tree limbs down and debris in the yard from other people’s homes that were demolished, we were unscathed.

The boys were relieved to live to see another day and we spent the rest of the afternoon watching the news of the destruction that occurred just miles from our home.

God is so good.

And of course, Mr. CPQ was out of town.

He always misses the fun.

Have a nice day.


15 responses to “Nooooooorth Carolina where the wind comes sweeping down the plain

  1. So thankful that y’all stayed safe! Many prayers from TX were lifted up for our family back home.

  2. It was a very strange day, indeed. I found it interesting to watch the kids’ reactions. Growing up in FL, while not like Oklahoma, we had our share of nasty tornado weather…my kids in NC…not.a.clue.

    So glad you weathered the storm. So sorry Mr. CPQ missed the drama.

  3. so thankful you are all ok. and why is it husbands are always out of town for things like tornadoes, water pipes breaking, mice infestations…..ok, so it was 3 mice. and i paid the neighbor girl to cary them out one by one as they took the bait in the traps….ick. hope your weather gets better. still rainy and cold here. watching the daffodils blow in the rainy wind.

  4. Four people wouldn’t fit in one of my closets. I’m impressed! I’m still ashamed that I mocked the weather person for saying, “Raleigh, NC, TAKE COVER!”

  5. Glad you guys are okay! That’s so scary!

  6. Dear Heart,

    You said it all then you said, “God is so good.”

  7. Wow…. we were up the whole night Thursday with that storm coming through Arkansas. It hit hard less than 2 miles from our house.
    So glad that y’all are okay!

  8. Glad you’re all ok…

    And how does Mr. CPQ always miss all of the fun??

  9. So glad you’re safe! Didn’t think NC was a big enough state to hold 60+ tornadoes! Just a little more on your to do list b4 the next showing. 😉

  10. Growing up in Iowa I spent some time under our pool table in the basement. Moving to Arkansas I spent some time in our bedroom closet (as there were no basements). Now living in California I spend some time being nice to people because you never know when you will be stuck in an elevator with them because the “big” one hits.

    Don’t lament not having Mr. CPQ around…he probably would have been outside with the rest of the men folk.

  11. So so glad y’all are ok! 🙂

  12. I’ve never been in a tornado. We had a hurricaine in Annapolis. Guess who wasn’t home either?

    So glad you’re all safe!

  13. Thank God you’re safe – that’s scary!

  14. So very glad you all are okay! Way to keep your cool, Mom!
    Prayers to those who’s homes were demolished…. I cant even tell what that is in the first two pics.

  15. SO glad you were spared! …from the tornado that is. (apparently NOT from stinky boys…I have one of those, can’t imagine 3 in close quarters.)

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