For Posterity

Because I don’t ever want to forget this sweet little email, misspellings and all, that my son wrote last night to his grandmother…..

Dear Grammy,

Right now i am in complete bored mode. I tried to help MOM with the cooking but i still feel bored. i have NO screens b/c i lied to my dad about homework. NO screens until next Monday. Mom made me an acceptation by letting me type you an E-mail.  I sent you this  E-mail to take off the boredom and to tell you that i love you so much. Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart have a nice day =D!


I thought that “acceptation” was a nice touch.

A touch illiterate, perhaps, but I think it gets the message across.

Have a nice day.


8 responses to “For Posterity

  1. too cute. the no screens always gets them, doesn’t it? ha! someone should do that to me and maybe i’d get more things done around here!

  2. Priceless!! Bryn got the same punishment recently – no tv, no music, no computer … actually turned out to be fantastic. She read, painted, created crafts … who knew?

  3. I love that MOM is in all caps…I’m sure that means something : )

  4. Hmm… me likey the “no screens” that’s a quick way to include every imaginable fun electronic device in our house.

    Tell him sometimes cooking bores me too.

  5. Just wait…soon, it’s no phone, too. Aye carumba. But, very, very cute.

  6. Okay, being “old school” I’m thinking, “We don’t have any screens on our house (use a couple of those slip-in kind sometimes), but w/allergens being so high right now, it’s better w/just air conditioning…” Yuck-yuck-yuck 🙂 !!!!! Now I get it!
    I love getting little emails from next door from a little gal…

  7. So Cute! You’ll be glad you saved this.

  8. Precious!!!

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