Monday Musings

Love a duck, it’s been forever since I’ve blogged.  I think I had a huge mental crash after Whole Woman Day was over and it has taken me a while to recover.  The conference was great and other than a few little minor glitches that didn’t bother anyone but me, I’m happy with how smoothly registration went. 

I have this  big ol’ blog post in my head about some of the spiritual lessons I learned but I’m not sure if I can put it to paper in a way that’s readable so let’s just leave it at God used the opportunity to show me a few things I could be working on and so I’m mulling over how that translates into changes I need to make. 

We’re still house hunting.  We’ve been focusing on short sales and foreclosures in hopes that we could get a steal on a house and free up some cash to throw into renovations for accessibility.  That means we’re traipsing through properties that have been vacant for quite a while.  Last week we dodged bees that had moved in and taken residence in a dining room, hacked through overgrown poison ivy to get through the front door of another property, and felt our way down into a very scary dark basement because the house lacked power.  It’s been a little humorous and, at times, a little frustrating.  I saw one place that I absolutely loved, took a ton of pictures to send to my husband but within an hour of leaving the property, someone else made an offer on it and it’s now sold. 

Insert frustrated scream here.

On the bright side, all the wait has given me time to have a garage sale and get rid of some of the things that have sat in the garage since the last move will not make the move with us.  Our sale was Saturday morning and fairly well-attended because I had posted it on my Facebook page and it was not at all awkward to have friends show up at 7:30 in the morning only to find some of their gifts to us on the sale table.  

Didn’t think about the possibility of that happening. 

Yep, not awkward at all.

Speaking of not awkward, I went to a wedding reception (not the wedding – just the reception) Friday night.  It was held at an outdoor pavilion and started at 6:30 while there was still plenty of daylight and since the weather was warm and springy I wore white slacks, silver high heels, and a very dressy tunic-style top and I felt very cute until we arrived at the reception and would you believe that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN THERE was wearing a dress?  I kid you not.  Not a single pair of pants to be found.  Oh, I was mortified.

So I stood by the corner canape table and nervous ate for most of the evening.

Which was as delightful and relaxing as you could imagine.

Have a nice day.


7 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. House hunting is very stressful… bless you heart ( Southern for “glad that’s not me) and probably what people said about you at the wedding (She wore Pants…bless her heart.) Ha ha… I’m just kidding, you probably were totally fine and beautiful in your pants… 🙂

  2. Girl, I do not envy the house hunting…however, have you thought of moving North just a few miles? We have nice houses over here too you know.

    Also, I know your pant wearing angst. I showed up at a Church Christmas party that my sister-in-law invited me to. She failed to tell me that all the people of her church wear dresses only, and plain ones at that….I showed up in a flashy Christmas blouse with a V-neck and no sleeves, and black slacks I wear specifically because they make me feel skinny. I spent the whole night feeling like the proverbial vain heathen.

  3. Ok so I can 100% relate to any sort of house-hunting/renovating/moving angst anyone has right now. Glad you had a successful garage sale though!

  4. Can somebody please tell me how being affectionate to a waterfowl can be equated with surprise or dismay?

  5. Lydia Stevenson

    One if the foreclosed houses we looked at had tons of space. The master had a sliding glass door that opened up into thin air. If the house hadn’t have been full of rat droppings, I might have overlooked that little problem. Yuck.

  6. Whatever, I thought your outfit sounded cuter. Pants are sexy.

  7. Did T. go on this house hunting adventure with you? If so, perhaps that’s where the tick jumped on…
    I’m sure you looked fabulous!!!

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