You give me fever

About a week ago, Tommy came down with a high fever that lasted for a couple of days.  I was a little concerned and briefly considered taking him to urgent care but by the third day, his fever had broken and he felt fine.

Then two days later, it came back again.

I called the doctor to talk about what had happened and he said that it might be a second, separate viral event but to call him if it lasted more than three days and by the next day, Tommy was again back to normal so I shrugged it off and went about my business.

Then this weekend it came back.

And stayed.

Monday I called for an appointment with our favorite nurse practitioner who has been seeing the boys since they were eleven months old.  She poked and prodded, charted fevers and we talked all around what we thought it could be and in the end she decided that to be on the safe side, we’d better get blood work and chest x-rays.

I took him to the hospital for his lab work and let me tell you, there’s nothing more pitiful than seeing a big ol’ kid reduced to tears over a needle.  He handled it as bravely as he could and got an extra sticker for his efforts and then we went home to wait for the results.

I got the call last night from our nurse that his lab work had come back with some unexpected results.  We thought we’d see something on the chest x-ray that would indicate pneumonia (which was our best guess as to what was going on since he had a cough) but it was clear.  The blood work, however, was messed up.  There were a lot of technical terms she used that I don’t recall but the gist of the story was that his body was having some sort of inflammatory response to something going on.  It was not an infection per se because his white count wasn’t elevated and while she couldn’t definitely say what it was, she was fairly confident that we were looking at some sort of tick disease.


On my kid.

There’s the heebie.

And there’s the jeebie.

I tried to explain to her that we are neither campy nor outdoorsy people but she said that tick disease is very prevalent in North Carolina which instantly made me want to move my housing search area to the Mojave Desert.

I was instructed to start him on a course of doxycycline and to do a more thorough check of him to look for evidence of either of live tick or of a bite.  And when she said “thorough” she meant EVERY nook and cranny.


Which isn’t a whole lot of fun for a pre-teen boy and where was his daddy to do that part?

Let’s all say it together, “Out of town.”

He misses all the fun.

I didn’t see any evidence of a bug, rash, bite, or bump though I did find a few spots that had been missing a washcloth.

Between the toes, please, between the toes. 

We’ll get started on the medicine today and hopefully he’ll be on the road to recovery soon.

The nice, paved road inside the hermetically sealed bubble so that no bugs can get in.

Have a nice day.


15 responses to “You give me fever

  1. While this certainly does give a mom the heebie jeebies, thank goodness it wasn’t anything worse. There’s so much worse. But I’m glad it made for an entertaining blog post!! Good luck!!

  2. Hope he’s feeling better soon…I had what they thought was Lyme’s Disease several years ago. It took me about a month to recover and I never saw the tick bite. The deer tick are so tiny though…we’ve seen quite a few ticks here. We live in the woods and the woods are full of deer and we have a dog so ’nuff said.

    Take care!

  3. I’m so sad for Tommy and I feel for you, sister, but I have to admit that the way you put it makes me giggle.

    Get well soon, Tommy!!!!

  4. Oh man, glad that he’s feeling better though — and I’ll admit, I got the heebies a little bit too just thinking about it!

  5. Poor boy and poor you. Hope he gets some relief soon! (And you are not forced through other awkward mother/tween son moments!)

  6. I’m sorry! Ticks concern me every year. About 8 years ago I got Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, from the very first tick I’d ever had on me. I always ask the Dr. to test for tick illnesses now when I can’t figure out what is making my child sick. Hang in there, he will feel better soon!!

  7. Chicky,

    I have a friend in Falls River who found two deer ticks on herself in the last week. She posted the pictures on FB. Jim had a bite two years ago and got a rash, we immediately started him on antibiotic. All is well. I do, however, have a very, very dear friend from HS who got Lyme Disease back about 15 yrs ago before all was known – its not pretty how her life has changed but her issue was no knowledge. Praise God you have the knowledge and had the foresight to take him to the doctor. He will get through this! Keep in mind that ticks live in high grass, not always wooded areas!

    Tina B

    PS – Lets get the boys together for ice cream and middle school conversation!

  8. I hope he’s feeling better soon!

    We’d be glad to have you here in the Mojave Desert! 🙂

  9. Thank God you got him to the doctor! I’ve known two people with Lyme and Tina’s right, it is NOT pretty. I found one in (not on, IN) my neck a few weeks ago and just FREAKED THE HECK OUT. Got it all and no rash, so hopefully am in the clear. Good luck, I’m sure the antibiotics will do the trick!

  10. Ever since K was diagnosed, two of the worst four letter words that can be spoken in our house are “tick” and “Lyme”.

  11. Oh gosh. I’m sorry about the tick thing. My 14-year old son is seriously afraid of needles too. I had him in tears the other night trying to get a splinter out of his foot.

  12. Hey girl, I am just so thankful they’ve got you started on meds. Tick bite may seem minor, but a member of my extended fam had one that went unchecked and is still suffering. Stick with the meds!!!

  13. “though I did find a few spots that had been missing a washcloth.” literally had me laughing off my chair. You. are. hysterical.

    So sorry for the mayhem (why is he so cute in the commercials, but not so fun IRL??) Husbands out of town is God’s sense of humor… or payback for the Garden of Eden episode.

  14. 1. When you sent out the prayer request I said to hubby, “Of all people for that to happen to! They are NOT outdoorsy people!”
    2. At about that same age a certain “boy” (many years ago) got a really bad case of poison ivy & had no qualms about Momma seeing “everything” to get the lotion on all the itchy areas… AWKWARD! Even though I had been “exposed” many times during my nursing days….
    3. Just love all the “encouragement” you got from all these comments…
    4. Whatever “it” is, you can count on it being when Dad is away…
    5. Still praying for you & for T.!!!

  15. i’m with imnotned. the worst words in our house are also “Lyme” and “tick.” Kate- only about 30-40% of people diagnosed with Lyme report a rash. The surest way to tell is by symptoms. But with no symptoms, you are in the all clear!

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