Tuesday Tidbits

1.  Did anyone see the Castle finale last night?  Nathan Fillion SLAYS ME.  SLAYS ME DEAD.  I officially cannot wait for September.

2.  Tonight is the school talent show and one of our little squash blossoms auditioned and was selected to perform.  It’s a little nerve-wracking as I have no idea what the performance will entail as he refuses to preview it for us and I am projecting my own fear of bombing on-stage onto my child but he has confidence in spades and is ready for his turn in the spotlight.

I will be in the back, breaking out in hives.

Even though this has nothing to do with me.

Because I’m psycho.

3.  I checked on apartment availability yesterday and I swear every leasing agent is twenty-two, has long hair, and is named Emily.

And they are all overly eager to show me the swimming pool which is understandable considering they haven’t had three children or had to nervous eat their way through life. 

4.  There are currently two empty Coke bottles ,  three glasses, a cold cup of coffee, a spoon, a thermometer, a corkscrew, six Lego creations, and a pair of shoes on my desk.

And nary a pen or pencil to be found.

5.  You know, five.

Have a nice day.


13 responses to “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. Shut the front door! I can’t wait till Castle starts again! Killing me!!!!

  2. How awesome was Castle??! Nathan Fillion is one of my “5” if you know what I mean. Love him!

    • Oh, I know what you mean. Mine, too. In that alternate universe where I’m still single and apparently live in close proximity to celebrities.

      • Not only close proximity but also I would need to be somehow in the inner circle of celebrities – otherwise, I fear Nathan will never notice me. Oh and I have to lose weight too – and buy some new clothes – and – well, ok so I don’t have a shot with Nathan Fillion – whatever!

  3. I’ll be there to see your dynamically talented child … as mine, a future wife to one of the Scates boys will also be performing.

    Missed you at field day.


  4. So glad to know that I’m not the only one pretending to be proficient by having a desk, but really still trapped in Mommydom despite my efforts. On my desk I have one bottle of dish liquid, one barely opened SAT prep book (my daughter’s desk is right next to mine, but this book has been sitting on MY desk for 3 months!), one scrabble game, a magic wand (not really magic, unfortunately), a handheld mirror and a teenaged girl’s sweater (I repeat, my daughter’s desk is right next to mine…). I have pens all over my desk, but no lids for any of them. Where oh where do they go?

  5. I’m so glad to talk about Castle. No one else I know watches it and it is my favorite! Do you think Kate had on a vest? Will they pretend she is dead so they will leave her alone? I can’t wait till September either!

    • She wasn’t wearing a vest – I was reading spoilers (YES, I’M THAT OBSESSED) and it’s setting things up for next season for her ex-boyfriend Josh the cardiac surgeon to come in and save the day. Argh!

  6. Good luck to the performer…hope it’s memorable for you (in a good way of course!)

  7. I’m sure he’ll do great!!!!
    My child chose to do “Jumping Rope” for her class talent show…..just *flying* in the face of the $30/mo dance lessons and $70/month piano lessons

  8. About Castle – I did not see all that coming!

    About the talent show – j had the same fears as you when my kids performed in the talent show last year. I feared for nothing cuz they were awesome! I’m hoping the same proud moment for you. 🙂

  9. I laughed out loud when I read your comment about the leasing agents. So true! They always want to show you the pool even in the dead of winter.

    Best wishes for the talent show!

  10. Oh, to be Kate Beckett to his Richard Castle. Swoon!

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