In which my choice will come back to haunt me

After a very fun weekend of dragging the kids through furniture and appliance stores and, more importantly, NOT house-hunting, Craig and I decided to wind things down Sunday night with a bucket of popcorn and the Netflix library at our disposal.

Deciding which movie to watch is a bit of challenge since I am light, fluffy and solidly in the chick flick corner and Craig hangs more with the cerebral, complicated, not necessarily happy-ending crowd. 

Pride and Prejudice vs. Saving Private Ryan pretty much sums it up.

Though sometimes he throws in Nacho Libre just to send me over the edge.

We have learned to navigate our differences mainly by vacating the room when the other one is watching something they like but last night he said I could pick what I wanted and I selected a movie that I’d never seen solely based on the fact that it had Mark Consuelos in it because I’m shallow and we started watching it and within 10 minutes I was ready to move on because I had already recognized every cliché and knew how it was going to turn out and I should have turned it off and not wasted my time but knowing that the alternative pick would go to Craig and might involve Larry the Cable Guy,  I cut off my nose to spite my face soldiered on.

Craig, however, didn’t waste the opportunity to lob in a few wisecracks.

“Hey, hon, can you pass the Ritz?  I think this next part’s going to be really cheesy.” 

And, “Boys, you know what this movie is about?  It’s all about banking credits. Lots and lots of credits.”

He’ll be here all night folks.  Try the veal.

When the movie ended, poorly (how can you end a chick flick without a kiss between the main characters?), my beloved turned to me with a wicked grin and nary a word.

Pass the popcorn, friends.  That one’s gonna’ cost me.

Have a nice day.


5 responses to “In which my choice will come back to haunt me

  1. Netflix on the iPad solved this dilemma for us. Don’t want to watch what “the chooser” has picked? Fire up the Netflix app and grab the earbuds. May not be the most romantic way to spend an evening, but hey, at least we’re in the same room.

  2. Saturday we took our college-age son to the airport to leave us and go to Seattle for a month. We were extremely excited for him, but also a little depressed — I think we both honestly thought we’d be getting on the plane with him and heading to the green place right up until the moment he left us at the security check point. So as we drove away from our baby, I suggested we go to a movie to lift our spirits. I made the huge mistake of suggesting we see “The Beaver.” I thought you couldn’t go wrong with Jodi Foster and Mel Gibson. I was terribly wrong and we did indeed go wrong. It was the most depressing and weird movie I’d seen in some time. When we left there we had to go to Barnes and Noble in an effort to lift our spirits from the movie. Failed miserably. So we just settled into our depression and began the hour long trek home. I’m with you. This one is going to cost me too. I won’t get to pick the movie for at least 6 months!

  3. Make that three months. I don’t know what I was typing. The boy left us for three months. THREE MONTHS. Not that I’m sad or anything!

  4. Two words: The Holiday.
    Jude Law (with a bit of John Krasinski for good measure).
    Like many romantic comedies, it has its flaws, but so many redeeming qualities… very very sweet! (and, did I mention? Jude Law.)
    so, yeah…

  5. Enchanted April vs Ben Hur or Gladiator. iPads are great, too. Hope Craig was kind.

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