No title because I’m on a deadline

I have ten minutes to blog (yes, I set the timer) before I run out the door to get my hair cut and colored because desperate times, my friends, DESPERATE TIMES.

And since I have no time, I give you a list.

1.  I got the boys’ hair cut a couple of days ago when I was in Walmart.  All of them looked really nice which is surprising considering that when I got to checkout the stylist squinted her eyes and got about an inch and half from the checkout screen to see what she was doing.

And it took her 40 minutes and a phone call to two managers to ring up my transaction and I still don’t think it was right and the boys either had the most expensive haircut Walmart’s ever given or I got a three for one bargain.

I’ll let you know next month when the credit card statement comes in.

2.  I have wasted three minutes of my blogging time trying to think of something funny or interesting for #2, but I’ve got nothing, so I’m moving on.

3.  I went fabric shopping yesterday because I plan on re-upholstering some dining room chairs from a breakfast set that has been in storage in our garage for the last six years because it didn’t fit when we moved into our current house.  And let me tell you, six years of garage storage will wreak havoc on cream silk.

And let’s not talk about why I chose cream silk for BREAKFAST CHAIRS when I had triplet toddlers in the house.

Clearly I was delusional.

And I would show you a picture of said fabric but my boys keeps stealing the USB cord that downloads my pictures to the computer, so it’ll have to wait.

I know the suspense is killing you.

And there’s my alarm.  Time to go!

Have a nice day.


2 responses to “No title because I’m on a deadline

  1. Whew…. have a great day!

  2. I like reading your blog. You make me smile!!

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