You oughta’ be in pictures

Well, it was a memorable Memorial Day weekend.

We watched the rain fall…

We played with the camera…

We bought a PhotoBooth app to play some more….

Our house deal almost fell through because our buyer got squirrely…..

Yeah, that’s not really a picture that goes with a squirrely buyer but I couldn’t very well ask him if I could take his picture in the midst of negotiations over a foundation.

Instead, this is a sectional that I thought about buying but I’m ambivalent about grey/gray and it might be too modern for my taste but I found the cord to my camera and had the picture so I thought I’d share.

And then we resolved the issue with the buyer and it looks like we’re game on again so I continued my project to recover my breakfast room chairs in the fabric I bought…

And then we had a cookout and a FIVE HOUR home inspection on the new place which gave me plenty of time to wander around the house and wonder why someone needed that many chandeliers.

And those are just four of the NINE on the first floor.

I swear that a New Jersey mob wife decorated this place.

Have a nice day.


8 responses to “You oughta’ be in pictures

  1. I just added “velour track suit” to your Christmas list.

  2. Great pix. Send more!

  3. yeah…and I’ll send the Bump It and some aqua net.

    I hope the house happens because I want to see the finished chairs!!

    Keep us posted!!

  4. Of course, I love the fabric for the chairs. And I like the grey/gray sectional, too.

  5. No no no. I LOVE the chandeliers. Love them. Keep them. Or send them to me. 🙂

  6. You could probably get some $$$$ on Craig’s list for the chandeliers….
    So glad the “deal” is going through! And I LOVE that fabric!! You could “shape” a whole room around that!

  7. Please let me have your chandeliers!!!

  8. Travis has beautiful teeth. 😉 And I lurve that app. And yes, New Jersey Mob Wife. I likey. Go get your nails done, too, and when they ask how short you want them, just tell them to leave the forms on, as-is.


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