Monday Musings: The Discovery Edition

This weekend I discovered:

1.  That one should not wear their last good pair of navy blue shorts when attempting a craft project that begins with “Take one quart of bleach…”.

2.  That my husband we are packrats and never throw anything away.

Box of floppy disks, anyone?

3.  That we have a neighborhood flash mob and apparently our house can hold a dozen children under the age of eleven.

4.  That said flash mob will disappear when you inform them you don’t have snacks.

5.  That my tears are living a little too close to the surface as we enter the last week of elementary school.

6.  That those tears are tempered by panic that I haven’t bought end of year teacher gifts.

7.  That I’m three weeks from moving into my new house and I  still don’t have a clue as to how I’m going to decorate it.

8.  That Tommy made the Honor Roll at school several weeks ago and he forgot to tell me.

9.  That JJ may or may not have made the Honor Roll but can’t remember and he’ll look in his desk for his certificate.

10.  That whether I want it to or not, this train is leaving the station.

Have a nice day.



8 responses to “Monday Musings: The Discovery Edition

  1. Get on that train! You’re the conductor!

  2. I did the lazy teacher gifts this year. There was a deal in my inbox for one of those buy a certificate for a restaurant for half price and you could purchase up to ten. I figure they can have a get together to celebrate surviving another year of teaching!

  3. Right there with you…on all counts…well, except for the moving…but, I am there with the floppy disks and too big kids and tears…and trains.

  4. I found a floppy disk when cleaning out my desk at school that said “UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES THROW THIS AWAY”that the previous desk owner clearly left for me…but considering I have no way to see what is on that disk as my computer is newer than 1990 I promptly threw it away. I fear I have been voodoo vexed or something. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  5. My friend has moved a box labeled “stuff” to at least 3 different houses, without ever opening it. It started in the first house, and it seemed easier to just move it and deal with it later. Betcha she has some floppies in that box, too.

  6. Does your school offer scrip? My big effort was to count the number of teachers (mmm…I almost typed “cheaters”…analyze) and write a check that would hopefully not insult them as they each get a scrip gift card to use w/whatever vendor(s) they please. Yes. Lazy, I am.

    Call me when you need cheering up about the whole middle school thing. I’ll call you, too. I mean…it’s not so bad. 🙂 Truly. xxxooo

  7. We found floppy disks while packing, too! And you should have seen my husband yesterday as he looked through the scrapbooks (from the 80’s, not the fancy things people who are not me make today) he was unpacking. “You kept a plastic bag?”

  8. I still have floppy disks and cassette tapes and no possible way to play either. I keep holding on to them because I’m pretty sure my most recent resume is on one of them and someday I may need to update that. Maybe.

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