Yes, I’m alive

I guess it’s not good form to write a tear-jerky blog post and then disappear for a week lest all your friends call you and keep asking, “ARE YOU OKAY?” Yes, I am more than fine.  I was pretty much an emotional wreck on Friday as the boys said goodbye to their elementary school friends, most of whom they won’t see next year since they’ve been assigned to a different track, but after a celebratory trip to Blockbuster and some time spent with my friends Ben & Jerry, I was fine.

We’ve quickly adjusted to our summer schedule.  The boys and I are catching up on sleep and mealtimes have slid to the point of ridiculous.  It’s an easy groove that has left me beyond happy and relaxed.

Except for that feeling of impending doom of having to pack up the whole house next week.

There are a couple of projects I wanted to finish before the move and I’ve been working on those.  The first was re-upholstering the breakfast room chairs.

This was the project that never would end.  I discovered mold on the seat cushions when I took the original fabric off and to save a few dollars I thought I would soak them in bleach water, air dry them and then cover them in the new fabric.

That was not my brightest idea.

I didn’t factor in the foam density and ended up trapping what seemed like gallons of water that.would.not.wring.out.of.the.cushions and after five days of baking in the 98-degree heat I was left with a damp, mildewed mess.  So I ended up doing what my mother told me to do in the first place and bought new foam.

Which was slightly thicker than the original foam.

Which I had used as a guide to cut out my fabric.

Which left me with literally millimeters to wrap around the edge of the seat bottoms.

Which means I had to use approximately a million staples to hold it all together.

So, like most of my projects, please don’t look at the underside.

I had to use the staple gun for this project which made me feel all Rosie the Riveter empowered and while I was on a roll, I decided to tackle the end tables that I’m planning on re-purposing as night stands in the guest bedroom in the new house.

We bought the tables when we got married and furnished our first house and fifteen years of rough treatment had left them in shabby condition.  A few swipes with a palm sander and three coats of Cape Hatteras Sand later…

I was very happy with how it turned out and all that’s left is finding new knobs for the drawers and they’ll be ready for their new use.  I still have one more painting project to do before the move and that’s refinishing JJ’s bed frame but that’s a little more involved so I’m going to wait for the weekend so Craig can do it help me.

And in between the sanding, the stapling and the painting, I’ve spent more time than I care to spend on the laundry.  Our dryer broke last Thursday and it was going to be a week before Sears could get to the house to repair it, so we’ve been hanging our unmentionables in the back yard for all the repairmen to see.

It’s been a makeshift affair – the rope is strung between the deck post and a bird feeder and supported half-way by a ladder – but it’s worked and while I wouldn’t want to do this all the time, I have to admit I’ve enjoyed the travel back to yesteryear and the sunlit smell of stiff clothes.

Yep, it has been busy but truly everything’s okay.

Have a nice day.

12 responses to “Yes, I’m alive

  1. I love clothes hung on the line…takes me back to carefree summer days. I have never had a clothesline in all my married life. I just washed my sheets and am wishing I had one today.

    Good luck with the packing and the unpacking and the settling!

  2. I love that fabric!
    I need to show my son how to hang clothes to dry – after removing from the dorm dryer still damp he chooses to leave them in a pile in his room so of course you know how they end up smelling. Ugh. Let’s just say they did not survive the pack up. 🙂

    I wish my Hubby would (let me at) be okay with me gettin’ all crafty with some older furniture that we have in storage. But noooo he thinks these children of ours are going to want to take said furniture with them when they move out. Ha. Funny man.

  3. Very cool chair. Looks great! I hung some white jeans on the line outside and was almost blinded by how bright they were when I brought them in.


    Oh, wait.

    Dang, my timing has never been very good.

  5. I believe “don’t look at the underside” should just be a motto of life. Works for me.

    And since you continue to kick my butt in Words With Friends I assumed you were alright.

    Chairs look good.

  6. I’m just glad my projects are not the only ones that get all If You Give a Mouse a Muffiny. This thing leads to that thing until a 3 step project has 98 steps.

  7. 1. Your chairs are beautiful! (Who’s going to look at the underside anyway?!)
    2. You could bring your clothes over here to dry them… I’ve had plenty of hanging-on-the-line days in early marriage when we didn’t have a dryer. Yes, they smell good.. but so stiff.
    3. I love the tables, too! It spurs me on to do a couple of tables I’ve been putting off.
    4. We put new foam on our chairs when we did them this spring, mainly because they had always been to low for me to sit at the table without feeling like a little girl. So I had thicker foam cut for them & now I can reach the table!
    5. Let me know if there’s anything I can do next week to help with getting ready for your move.

  8. Those chairs and tables look amazing!!!

  9. Well done, Tool Time Susie! Hate it when my mom’s advice turns out to be right (e.g. chairs). My only solace is the future misery my kids will endure at realizing this same axiom: Mom is right. (Hope I live to see the day. ;))

  10. Sorry it has been a while since I have popped over for a visit. It looks like you are one busy girl. I cannot imagine tackling home decorating projects as you are getting ready to move. And raising triplets. And working. Yikes. I am staring at our picnic table and benches that need to be sanded and re-sealed and coming up with all kinds of excuses why this week is not the week :o! Best of luck in your move. And I hope your boys’ middle school experience is a wonderful one.

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