Last day

It’s my last day in this house and while I would love to sit back and reflect on the last six years of my life inside these four walls, I don’t have the time because I wasted it yesterday getting my eyebrows waxed because I didn’t want to meet the new neighbors looking like the Unibrower.


My in-laws arrived Thursday afternoon and we had a dozen boxes packed by bedtime.  There was no taking a union break with those two.  They were work-horses and helped us tremendously for two days.  By the time they left Saturday afternoon, we had the kitchen and bedrooms packed and Craig and I stayed home Sunday and finished up the rest and then we rested.  Actually, it was more like passed out – We sat down on the couch to take a breather and both fell asleep which wouldn’t have been so bad had not we just put a grill-load of chicken on to cook.  We woke up 45 minutes later to charred chicken but once we chopped it and drowned it alfredo sauce, it wasn’t so bad.

In the midst of packing over the weekend, we also threw a birthday party for the boys.  They turned 12 on Saturday and we invited a couple of school friends over for hot dogs, cake, and a pinata.  It was very low-key but they had a really good time and after their friends went home, we took out a second mortgage the boys to the movies for popcorn and Cars 2.


I am clearly in the wrong business.

So our schedule for the rest of the week is as follows.  Movers are showing up at 8:00 tomorrow morning to load the truck and the cleaning service is coming to scrub everything down while we move our plants and computers to a friend’s house overnight.  We’re staying at a hotel Wednesday night and then Thursday morning we’re all crossing our fingers that the triple closing that has to occur before we can take possession of the house goes smoothly so that we can be unpacking by Thursday afternoon.

I’m happy, maybe even giddy, about fresh beginnings and new neighbors and living within walking distance of a bagel shop.

Again, priorities.

See y’all on the flip side.

Have a nice day.


7 responses to “Last day

  1. Okay, the bagel shop thing is the clencher…i’m with you on those priorities! I’m so excited for your new beginnings. Don’t you just love starting out in a new (at least to you) and clean house? bliss…

  2. Yay for new beginnings and many blessings as you embark upon this fresh start!!!!!

  3. And then starting on Sunday, the carbo-loading shall commence.

  4. Wish I could be there! SO over the moon excited for you!!!

  5. Best of luck with the logistics and happy new home to you all!

  6. It’s good to know my friends have their priorities in order. Unibrows and bagels don’t mix. Good choice.

    Praying for you, friend, as you make the move! Hugs!!

  7. Hope everything goes according to plan!!!

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