Part IV: In which the cavalry arrives

Within 10 minutes of announcing that we’d found our new house, I received an email in my in-box.  “Let us know when your move-in date is.  We’ll be there.” It was signed by NotNed and Momologuer.

And I might have gotten a little misty.

NotNed and Momologuer have moved us into every single house we’ve lived in since coming to North Carolina ten years ago.  And, yes, this is our third house  – fourth  if you count the three-month stay in an apartment and let me tell you, THAT was fun squeezing four adults, a set of twins, a set of triplets, and a cat in a 2-bedroom 600 s.f. space.

NotNed is very handy and Momologuer is creative and crafty and shares my love for all things shiny and I knew with the two of them here, we’d kick some serious moving butt and get this house whipped into shape.

They arrived soon after the truck was unloaded and as is par for the course, they brought the requisite provisions.

The menfolk had a list of things they needed to do (hang ceiling fans, run speaker wire, discuss the need to buy new televisions) and Momologuer and I had our list (set up the kitchen, the craft room, decorate the living room shelves, and make a foyer arrangement).  Once we’d laid out a game plan, we raised a Ritz cracker topped with Old English Cheese Spread (don’t ask) and started working our fingers to the bone.

And little by little, it all started coming together.


The week wasn’t all picture wire and pounding nails.  We did manage to sneak in a trip or two to the mall and the Mexican restaurant and one or twelve furniture stores to get Momologuer’s opinion on a sofa that I need to put in the den.  We also took the requisite “How many feet has Tommy grown since we last saw each other” picture.

And all too soon, they had to leave….

And while I would say they took a piece of my heart, the truth is, I look around my home this morning and see a piece of theirs.

In a picture hung (almost) level on the wall.

In a fan that cools a beloved boy’s room.

In a cheerful craft room that’s just waiting for a project.

In a front foyer that welcomes friends.

I am truly blessed.

Have a nice day.


13 responses to “Part IV: In which the cavalry arrives

  1. And now I may be getting a little misty.

  2. I have to remind myself that I don’t actually know the NotNeds.

    They should go into business. I’ve lived here over a year now and my house isn’t as put together as yours after their week with you. It looks BEAUTIFUL and I can’t wait to see it in person!!

    (If you want to slip them a note that my next move will probably be in the June/July time frame next year, we could just see what happens. I’d even buy snacks.)

  3. Ditto on the mist here. (and remember not to count the number of misplaced nail holes in the wall that hung that crooked picture)

  4. GOodness gracious…. I’m misting up too!

  5. I’m a little misty…but I think my excitement about actually seeing the NotNeds is keeping the mist at bay…Hello NotNeds! So nice to see you!

    Your house is BEAUTIFUL!!

    P.S. I say the same thing about Tommy every Sunday. 😀

  6. Hello, NotNeds. My name is gretchen, and I like handy and crafty people who bring snacks. Doe the Northwest hold any appeal? We are a cool 60 degrees, with high of 70 and a possibility of coffee. And rain.

    Susan. It’s BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the tour. I’m trying not to covet thy craftland. xxxooo

  7. That would be “does”, not “doe”.

  8. Here is a picture hanging tip I just read somewhere–put a little dot of toothpaste on the sawtooth picture hanger or little hoop or whatever is back there, press it lightly on the wall where you want to hang the picture. You will have a little dot of toothpaste that you can wipe right off after you pound in your nail. Ingenious! LOVE the new house! It looks very cozy. Congratulations–on the house and your fabulous friends!

  9. Your house is beautiful, and how nice to have such wonderful friends to help out!

  10. Um… Can I come live in the craft room? (as long as that’s not where the before mention murder occured.) I could keep myself very happy in there for a LONG time.

    So happy you are in such a great place!!

  11. Aw, what a precious post! And um…we did get a new TV when we moved into our new house. 😀

  12. It is beautiful! And looks so much homier with your things in there. What great friends!!!

  13. Just caught up on your blog! OH MY WORD…..the previous owner sounds like a piece of work. I am sure your neighbors are glad to see a lady with capris and a “have a nice daisy” tshirt move in.
    The house looks great. I am so glad the table has a great new home. :o)
    Enjoy your new home!

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