Monday Musings

We had a good weekend at Casa de Carpool.  Craig was in California for most of last week so we were glad to have him back and in the middle of life at the house.  We went swimming and the boys met a few kids from the neighborhood but I don’t know who they are because apparently it’s possible to play for two hours with complete and total strangers and never find out their names.

And my husband said that there clearly wasn’t a cute girl in the bunch because they would have most DEFINITELY made sure to know her name.

Oh, I am so not ready for the first girlfriend.

We puttered around the house on Saturday and then went to the mall to get some blue jeans because my mother called me last week to tell me we were having family photos made while I was in Oklahoma and I didn’t have a single pair of jeans for the boys that fit because heaven forbid that the pair I bought them last week be long enough.

Is there a blue jean rental program equivalent to Redbox?




We also had to buy white shirts and that, too, was a special purchase since as a general rule white shirts are spaghetti sauce and chocolate magnets for my crew.  We found a good sale at JC Penneys and went ahead and bought a few other items for the back-to-school wardrobe.  The boys picked out their first day of school outfits and it was fun to see their personalities in their purchase.  Tommy chose a Halo t-shirt even though his mother has never let him play Halo a day in his life; Travis picked out a scratch and sniff chocolate Tootsie Pop t-shirt, (ensuring that all the chocoholic teachers will love him immediately); and JJ selected the most preppy pair of plaid shorts you’ve ever seen with a spot-on perfectly matching red polo shirt.

Watch out, ladies, Mr. GQ is in the middle school-house.

Sunday we went to church and then to lunch at Relish which after one meal is my new favorite lunch spot in town.  We had the fried black-eyed peas for an appetizer (they were a revelation) and the 4 boys ate burgers and I had the grilled salmon.

Because I have to drop 40 pounds and fit into blue jeans for pictures at the end of this week.

Thanks, Mom.

Have a nice day.


6 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Ooh we love Relish. Pimento cheese and homemade crackers to. die. for.
    Um… do you get to wear cut-off jeans for the picture, because there’s a rumor going around church that it’s 100+ degrees in OK. Just wondering.
    Hope you have a blast.

  2. I am doubtful that we will be able to fit all the food I want to eat from all the places I want to visit into the short time I get to visit!! I am getting worried!
    I will gladly help you find any weight you lose for the pictures. In fact, I just plan to hold your place until you get back. Remember how I said I was going to try to start eating better blah blah blah? I changed my mind. It can wait until school starts back. I need to stress eat. It’s that or heroin, so…

    I love their first day of school individuality. Glad we did the matchy matchy stuff when we could, right?

    My kids want to take home the random people we meet in public. Because they’re best friends. After half an hour. At least our kids aren’t shy!

  3. I love how kids never bother with names of new people they meet! Of course, I chatted with a mom at the dance studio for nearly a year before I knew her name. I did know her daughter’s name, though. That must count for something.

  4. Must know more about Relish. Kid friendly? Price friendly?
    Loved the back to school outfits. So cute! (don’t tell the boys I said they were ‘so cute’…I know it’s very uncool to refer to middle school boys as cute..I’m reminded almost every day. )

  5. Missed you posting every day-ish! Can’t wait to see more pics of how your BEAUTIFUL house is coming together! This is the fun part.

  6. 1. We tried Relish 2 weeks ago: the homemade pita chips=great! (the homemade potato chips, not so much); the fish tacos=disappointing; the green fried tomatoes=too much breading w/sweetness, so also disappointing (I’m a fried green tomato fanatic, though, so I’m very critical if they’re not just the way I like them); everything else=good.
    2. Did you buy the jeans 2 sizes too big so they will still fit when it cools off enough here for them to wear them? It’s amazing how fast they can grow in a short time!!!
    3. I’m like you in a new situation (especially a crowd of unknowns), so I liked the idea of that question starter.
    4. Hope you have a great trip!

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