On the road again

First, a million thanks to all of you who gave me great advice yesterday on how best to help JJ adjust to his braces.


He started the day smiley but by dinnertime he was pretty miserable. He sucked on some french fries and a vanilla shake and was starving this morning and in tears because he couldn’t bite through a piece of bacon. My sister-in-law whipped up a peanut butter protein shake for him and that filled him up and kept him happy for the morning and by lunch time he was able to nibble a little bit.

Oh, it’s so sad.

In other news, I drove eleven hours today and other than hydroplaning in a massive thunderstorm, getting hit twice by flying tire treads, and dodging angry hornets at an Arkansas rest stop, it was a pretty uneventful day.

We stopped on the west side of Little Rock for the evening and since JJ’s mouth was still a little tender, I decided that pasta was in order for dinner. I went on Yelp to get a recommendation and got positive reviews for The Pasta House which turned out to be an unairconditioned shack on the side of the road that served both Italian AND Mexican food.


I was a little alarmed.


And clearly delirious from spending eleven hours in the car with smelly-footed twelve year-olds.

The boys had pasta and I was going to order pasta until I heard the cook speaking/yelling Spanish at the waiter so I decided to stick with the home team and ordered chiles rellenos.


And it was the best chile relleno I’ve ever had outside Guatemalan borders.

Tomorrow we’ll be up at the crack of dawn and back on the road for more fast-food meals, dodging the law, and the celebratory hot fudge sundae at the first Braums we see (Alma, Arkansas).

I can’t wait.

Have a nice day.


3 responses to “On the road again

  1. Glad your trip is going well. Wish you were coming this far again. Happy travels tomorrow.

    We have a hole-in-wall place here that serves Greek food and pizza, but the tv is always playing Spanish channels. The decor is mixture of everything, but the food is great!

  2. Bless JJ’s heart! I hope tomorrow is a better day. Braum’s will help.

    Thanks not so much to you, now I’m craving Mexican food!

  3. OH! miss Braum’s! I used to go get four gallons of milk there every week…through the drive-thru window. (And a chocolate chip mint shake…aka: mommies little helper)

    And that Chile Rellenos makes me J_E-A-L-O-U-S.

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