Still driving

We’re somewhere in Eastern Arkansas, destination North Carolina.

The scenery is


and we are all a little punchy from having slept little in the same room last night.




Our fearless leader is with us and I’m happy to have another adult along for the ride. He is in charge of making the lunch and dinner decisions on the road though I’m thinking of revoking his privileges after last night’s stop at the sketchy Chinese place in Conway.


Oh! Memphis! We’re in Tennessee now.


Only 500 miles to go….

Have a nice day.


3 responses to “Still driving

  1. Chinese food while driving with 4 men .. you are bold! I think you may need to stop for a “little tree”.

  2. Ohhh….Conway, I don’t know if I would trust anything but Bar-b-que there, but maybe those places weren’t up to Craig’s standards. Little sleep in a hotel room sounds familiar. We’ve since opted to drive straight through from Raleigh to Branson, MO after my kids kept getting up way before the continental breakfast bar ever opened. Hope you all got back safely.

  3. I have family in Conway…

    And my parents are in Judsonia right now visiting my mom’s side of the family. Hope you waved at them for me.:)

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