In which I wow you with my video skillz

We’re off to a strong start at middle school.  I managed to hold up the carpool line the first day – both in the morning and the afternoon – but I think it worked to my advantage because the teacher on patrol gave me a Very Special Pass that gives me permission to drop off on the other side of the building for the rest of the year.

She said that the  parents could be very mean if I held up their line.

I told her I’d already had the PTA president flip me off at  elementary school carpool and that I didn’t scare easily.

But  I took the pass quickly before she could change her mind.

The boys have adjusted well and every day come home with a list of new things that they need.  Some of the things on the list are garden variety – a combination lock for gym, a single-subject notebook – but yesterday as they walked out the door, they were quite insistent that I buy them mouthwash and breath spray.

And I tried not to giggle.

So I went to Target and purchased their mouthwash, but I couldn’t find breath spray (because I think they only sell those in nightclub bathroom dispensing machines and truck stops) and quickly found out when they got back from school that it was CRITICAL that I find some.

JJ even took it upon himself to walk to the grocery store and scour the aisles and lo and behold he found and bought several sprayers with his own allowance and came back to share them with his brothers.  Tommy decided to try it out.  JJ provided off-camera instruction.

I thought the cat was a nice touch.

Have a nice day.

PS – Want to meet the cat in person?  I’m thinking of having a get-together next week in honor of fellow blogger Whimzie who will be in town for a visit.  If you’re a local blogger/blog commenter and you’d like to come, let me know.

Axe-murderers need not apply.

7 responses to “In which I wow you with my video skillz

  1. Mooooom! Honestly!

    (the time to get scared is when you don’t get an answer to “are you planning to kiss that girl?”)

  2. ps: I wanna come meet the cat and Whimzie.

  3. You have learned well, my video apprentice.

    Our next lesson will be on the use of the “trim” function on the iPhone.

  4. Haha! This just made me laugh! What are we going to do with our boys this year????? They are growing up so fast. =(

  5. CRAZY! They are growing up too fast. We still need to have a Salsa Fresh lunch date now that WWD is all over. Let me know when you have time! ~Angie

  6. Breath spray…love it!
    I can not believe the PTA president flipped you off! Good grief.
    I am going to try to come next Friday. I will let you know for sure and find out what I can bring. Miss ya.

  7. as long as clara’s surgery goes well and she’s not freaking out, i’d love to come and meet whimzie! i hope it works out!!

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