In which I have a relaxing day

I went to the dentist yesterday and you can tell I’m getting  a little more used to going since I didn’t hyperventilate about it on the blog for a week before going.  It was a routine cleaning and I had scheduled it with my usual hygienist, Karen, who is super nice and takes her time and refers to me as her “very special patient” which I know is code for “psycho” even though she swears it’s not.

I brought my music so I wouldn’t hear any scrape-y, pick-y or whirring noises and was mildly amused that Karen still chose to talk to me even though I’m sure she could hear the ear-bleedingly loud sounds of “ABBA: Greatest Hits” coming from my earphones.  She was chat, chat, chatting away and rinsing my mouth out when she got distracted by something shiny and accidentally twisted the water thingy and got water in the back of my throat.

Do you know what happens when they shoot a stream of water the wrong way in the back of your mouth?

It comes out your nose.


In high, arching streams.

And drenches everything.

And can you guess who doesn’t even put her head underwater in the pool because she can’t stand getting water in her nose? 

I screamed, she screamed, we all screamed for ice cream, and once the water got turned off and she pulled me from the ceiling, we dissolved into gut-busting laughter for ten minutes while we tried to get everything and everyone dried.

As I left, I told Karen I’d see her in six months or when I got a stuffy nose, whichever came first. 

My appointment ended around 12:30 and I was hungry so I decided to go to Chubby’s but the line was out the door so I bailed and went to Sushi-Thai instead and I was still so discombobulated about the water-out-the-nose experience that I made the mistake of not waiting for my Dynamite roll to cool off before taking a bite and I seared the ENTIRE ROOF OF MY MOUTH off and spent the rest of the day sucking on ice cubes and trying to figure out a way to eat without chewing.

It was delightful.

Today will be better.

Have a nice day.




4 responses to “In which I have a relaxing day

  1. Once again, how I long for some security camera footage.

    In slow motion.

  2. Thank you so much for the laughter! I had forgotten your dentist ‘thing’ and am happy you have a chatty one with a sense of humor. And ditto on the camera footage. Really.

  3. I am pretty sure we have the same hygienist. I always scream, “OWWWWW!!!!” before she even touches anything. Works every time.

  4. Of course, scaring the bologna out of someone with sharp instruments near my face parts is probably not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. But it’s so, so worth it.

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