A whole lot of shaking going on

No sugar, impending hurricanes, and now EARTHQUAKES?

It’s getting a little ridiculous.

I wish there was a “where were you when the earth shook” story but, sadly, I’ve spent most of the last three days in a constant state of shakiness from lack of sugar so I can’t say that I felt a thing.

The earthquake hit near the end of the school day and when JJ hopped in the car I asked him if he felt anything and he instantly became alarmed and started throwing questions at me about where the epicenter was and how deep and WERE WE GOING TO DIE  and he decided I didn’t know enough to suit him so he grabbed my phone and started frantically researching it.

I love this kid because he’s just like me. 

There’s not a crisis that we can’t blow completely out of proportion. 

I have lived through a major earthquake.  When I was 6 years old, a major 7.5 quake hit Guatemala, leveling entire cities, killing over 20,000 and injuring thousands upon thousands more.  I remember that night clear as a bell.  I woke up to my bed shaking violently, like someone had grabbed the end and was moving it side to side.  Instantly my dad was there – I don’t think I even had screamed yet – and he snatched me out of the bed and started RUNNING down the hallway for the back door.

The hallway in our house had storage closets down one side and I remember as Dad ran the gauntlet seeing the doors open and slap shut, all by themselves. The walls were heaving and swaying, side to side, and I felt like nothing was straight.    It was just like a horror movie, where everything swirls and makes thunderous noise and there’s a strong, unseen evil presence that scares the mess out of you.

We ran through the dining room and I remember being sad that all of my mom’s pretty china was shattered across the floor.  I played tea with those cups and saucers a lot and it was a sick  feeling to see them broken in a million pieces.  We safely made it out to the back yard where my memory starts to get fuzzy about what happened next.  Did we stand in the yard?  Did we go in the street?  Did I fall back asleep or did I scream bloody murder and whine and complain and make a difficult situation even harder for my parents?

I have a feeling I know the answer to that question.

If my little ones are an indication of what I was like as a child, all I can say is, “I’m so very sorry.”

Images stolen/borrowed from Google.

Have a nice day.

3 responses to “A whole lot of shaking going on

  1. Your memory amazes me! We already had the car packed with plans to leave that day for our very special vacation spot- Panajachel, Lake Atitlan. Of course that didn’t happen…

  2. Wow – neat memory! And the quake yesterday was awesome – big enough to shake things up and show the kids what the earth can do, but small enough to avert tragedy. Really cool…

  3. Crazy memory. As for the earthquake situation you might as well move to California, at least you get year long 75 degree weather with your impending doom. Yeah we like to blow things out of proportion here too 🙂

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