Five on Friday

1.  My hurricane prep is almost done.  I just need to get matches, instant coffee, fill up my car, and finish the laundry in the event we lose power.  It’s looking like we may get tropical storm force gusts and some rain in Raleigh but a fifty-mile shift to the west puts us in a different situation altogether.

That’s life in the “cone of uncertainty.”

Which is kinda’ like the “cone of shame” except with a heftier insurance premium attached.

2.  I will soon be wearing the cone of shame on my head if I don’t get to the salon. My roots are past cute.

3.  In a moment of weakness, I volunteered to host the 6th grade boys’ Bible study at my house this year.  I’m hoping it will give my boys more opportunity to build community with their friends at church and help them be better prepared to deal with the junk they’re facing from their peer group at school.  In some ways they’ve handled the transition to middle school well and in other instances, I see the need for growth and, hopefully, having a gang of kids over here once a week to talk over these things will be helpful.

I have a feeling I’m going to need more snack food.

4.  Speaking of snacks, the white food embargo continues at my house. I have been strong for a week, and if the scales don’t reflect progress tomorrow, Irene’s gonna’ have nothing on me.

5.  Have a nice day.


4 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. 6th grade boys’ bible study is a great idea!! you are a brave mama!! do you have a specific study in mind?

  2. I need the cone of shame too. I’ve been trying to limp my hair along without a visit to the salon so I can try to even out the universe from buying school clothes. This has resulted in great unbalance as my children look like a million bux and I look like a refugee.
    *pumps fist in bad-roots solidarity*

  3. I LOVED hosting the 6th grade girls last year. (yes, I do realize the colossal difference between 6th grade girls and boys and their respective appetites)

    You will be blessed. Broke but blessed 😉

  4. Girl, I have been telling myself all week that this hurricane is nothing to worry about… and suddenly I feel like maybe I should have prepared a little more. On the bright side, I’l have something good to blog about should we get a little “tropical”.

    Also, great move on the bible study front, my friend. I’m only into this stage calf deep, but my knees are chapped for all the praying!

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