It’s not easy being green

After a week and a half of working from home I decided that it was time to go back into the office and reintroduce myself to my boss.  I ironed my black linen pants and a favorite gold blouse that’s a good “end of summer and almost too late to wear white but still hotter than blazes” transitional piece, put on lipstick for the first time in two weeks, and filled a big cup of coffee in my travel mug to fuel my 20 minute drive to work.

And approximately 5 minutes before I got to the office, that big cup of coffee had somehow managed to find its way all down the front of my shirt.

Of course, I had just cleaned out my car over the weekend and removed the big roll of paper towels and every other scrap of napkin/absorbent material from under the seats. 

I had a meeting to make and no time to run home and iron change again, so I whipped into Target (thank you for opening early) and ran inside to see if there was anything that didn’t scream 16-year-old teeny bopper and would be work-appropriate.  They had all their new season stuff out and I had plenty to choose from, but let me tell you, I’m not feeling the love for the fall fashion direction.

Dolman sleeves? With stripes? And RUFFLES?

Please say no.

My pants were kinda’ flowy so I needed a fitted top to wear with them and those were a little hard to come by what with the tunic look that seems to abound until I found a stand with $8 t-shirts and wouldn’t you know they were exactly what I needed so I grabbed a teal green one and changed in the Target bathroom and headed off to work feeling like Sharon Stone wearing her Gap sweater to the Oscars.

And when I arrived at work, the whole office was abuzz because everyone showed up to find they had a present on their desk.

That’s right, a plastic shoebox.

And I didn’t know what to do with my shoebox since there wasn’t a note attached so I set it aside and sat down and started to work.  And after about six minutes I realized what the box was for because when I pivoted in my chair to throw the wrapper in the trashcan that for the last year has resided in the same spot under my desk, I realized that someone had removed it.

And when I asked my co-worker if she had borrowed my trashcan she informed me that in an effort to reduce the amount of trash collected at the office, all of our trash cans were removed and we’ve now been given shoeboxes that we’re responsible for emptying into “centralized collection points” throughout the building.

Because, clearly, the size of the receptacle has everything to do with how much trash we generate.

There are days I live in a Dilbert strip.

So I spent all day lowering my productivity because I was walking back and forth to the centralized waste collection site emptying my shoebox but at least I had on a cute outfit while I did it.

Have a nice day.


16 responses to “It’s not easy being green

  1. don’t you wish you could have sit in on that meeting where “they” decided this would be a fantastic idea??!!!! people are going to start throwing their garbage in each other’s shoe boxes! It will be chaos!!

  2. You may be in a Dilbert strip, but you are channelling Erma Bombeck. CUTE shirt. Love it better b/c it was $8.00.

  3. I probably spelled channeling/channelling wrong. And I actually don’t care much, but I wanted you to know that I know.

  4. Oh, and now I’m channeling/channelling “Shoe Box” by the Bare Naked Ladies. I was gonna attach a link, but haven’t seen the video.

    I’m going now.

  5. Toto now lives in Seattle, drives a Prius and only wears cotton.

  6. Thanks for keeping me posted on the world of working in a real office. I’m amazed at how out of the loop I’ve become. It’s hard enough for me to recycle cans. I can’t imagine having to sort out every little piece of trash I toss. And you look mahvelous in you stop’n shop shirt! Love it!

  7. There’s so much here to ponder! Wastefulness (more plastic for everyone!) & loss of productivity have to far exceed trash volume. This is why I don’t miss my corporate America, Fortune 500 company job one bit.

    You could rock some elegant dolman sleeves, Kermit.

  8. I was so relieved to read that the plastic box was a receptacle for paper trash. I must be paranoid or a negative Nellie because if I came to the office and found that on my desk I wound have thought, “My services are no needed at this place and they have given me this box in which to pack up by personal belongings.” Glad you are still gainfully employed and fashionably dressed.

  9. Why didn’t I think of running to Target the day I had to go to the dentist and poured 48 ounces of ice water into the drivers seat of the car… while I was sitting in it. My front side looked dry, my back side… not so much. And definitely the side I want to draw attention to!

    Way to make a new shirt out of spilled coffee!

  10. Shamefully, I had to google Dolman sleeve. Thanks for helping make me fashion forward.

    SCORE on the $8 shirt!

  11. You’re kidding about the trash cans, right? RIGHT???

  12. As soon as I read “coffee in a travel mug” I knew where this was going… But your new tee looks great! I too thought maybe the shoe box was to put personal belongings in to “clear out” for all who were being let go. How ridiculous!!! What a waste of employee time!!!

  13. Ah…once again Target saves the day. I’m telling you if I had a nickel for each time Target saved my bum i’d…well i’d be able to buy a new Target t-shirt!!

    Good call.

  14. Rachel Treichler

    Never a dull moment with you CPQ! Thanks for making me laugh this morning as I’m having a hard time waking up, since apparently my medium iced coffee isn’t doing the trick. Have a great day. 🙂

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