On home remedies

I didn’t post yesterday because I was curled up in a fetal position on the couch for most of the morning, hugging my box of Kleenex and the TV remote.

I hate colds.

I have a fairly strong constitution and it has been a couple of years since my last cold but I think as I get older, I get whinier they get harder to shake.  And, of course, I despise taking medicine unlike my husband who empties the medicine cabinet at the first hint of anything being awry.

He’s a lot like my mother that way.  She sneezes once and it’s MAN THE TORPEDOES!

They didn’t dispense a lot of medicine at boarding school (they were more of the “Buck up, li’l camper” philosophy) and you had to have hepatitis or pneumonia before being excused from class and, honestly, you didn’t want to be sick in bed with our dorm mother as your nurse maid.  Aunt Peggy (we called them all “aunt” and “uncle”) believed that raw garlic and gallons of water could cure any illness, and if you were sick and under her care for the day, it was guaranteed that you were going to be chomping through a whole head before the sun set.

Oh, it was awful. 

Worse than whatever ailed you.

These days, I’m grateful for Sudafed and Judge Judy to keep me company while I’m sick, though if I’m not feeling better in a couple of days, the garlic might start sounding appealing.

Maybe this time in pill form, please.

Have a nice day.


9 responses to “On home remedies

  1. Rachel Treichler

    Ugh, being sick in the summer is the worst. So sorry you’re not feeling well. If I didn’t feel like I was getting a cough myself, I’d bring you some Jubala and Tookies. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. Get well soon, CPQ!!! xxo0

  3. Maybe a good night’s sleep….Nyquil is good for that. Hope you’re all better soon!

  4. Get better soon! Blessings!

  5. Well next time I have a cold I’m gonna try you Sudafed / judge Judy remedy, because younwere very perky today! I didn’t think for even one second that you might be sick!

    Which, by the way, I had a great day today. Lets do it again soon.

  6. There’s nothing worse than a cold when the temps are still warm outside. So sorry you’re not feeling well. Get better fast!

  7. Aaaw bless you, hope you feel better soon. My parents are both qualified doctors who give their patients top notch and up to date care. If my sister and I get ill, however, it’s back to Indian home remedies for some wierd reason. Honey and lemon for a sore throat: I can deal with. Ginger and milk paste for upset stomachs? Bllleeeerrch!

  8. Better living through chemistry my friend. Open the medicine cabinet.

  9. Here’s my ‘home’ remedy :
    When you feel the slightest bit stuffy, take one echinacea, a zinc tablet, and two vitamin Cs. The best zinc is at GNC..tastes like a sweet tart. (you have to let them dissolve, so it’s best to get one that tastes good.)
    Keep taking them until you feel better.

    I’m not a doctor, I just play one in blog comments. 😉
    Glad you are feeling better.

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