Monday Musings

1.  Happy Labor Day!  I’ll start laboring at the foot of Mt. Washmore in a few minutes but for now I’m enjoying a quiet morning, a second cup of coffee, and the peace that comes from knowing that I won’t have to drag three unwilling subjects to school.

I’m feeling a little better thanks to the crackhead Sudafed I’ve been taking.  It has made me a little spacier than normal as evidenced by the fact that I just spilled a glass of water all over my desk because I misjudged the distance between it and my hand but, otherwise, it’s all good. 

2.  Speaking of clothing, which we weren’t, I’ve got on my white capris, Piggly Wiggly t-shirt, and flip-flops for the last time this year.

Labor Day.

Killing my wardrobe staples year after year.

3.  I’ve been crafty over the long weekend.  I finally got around to attaching the collar of the tunic top on the sewing project I started weeks ago.  You know, the “sew it in a day” one? Yeah, not so much.

Here it is before I attached the sleeves (and I was in a bit of a panicky mess because that’s not really what you would call a SKILL) and even Heather suggested I might want to wait until she got home to help me but I PERSEVERED and figured it out all by myself.

And you may wonder why I’m not smiling in the last picture.

It’s because it took me THREE HOURS to persevere and I should have left the sleeves off because apparently I have very broad shoulders that I didn’t account for and when I attached the sleeves, the shirt became VERY form-sitting and I cannot raise or twist my arms to any degree of comfort BUT I FINISHED THE DING DANG PROJECT and that makes me happy and as long as I walk erect and make still, small motions, no worries.

4.  Speaking of good, I forgot to mention that I had a wonderful time at coffee with Kellie last week.  We chitted and chatted and then decided to take ourselves to Michael’s where Kel picked out yarn for a project.


And can we talk about how wonky my leg looks and how straight and tall and elegant Kellie looks? 

Why do I turn into a cheeseball when someone brings out a camera? 

5.  Have a nice day.

6 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Is that an ironing board I saw in the distant background? Oh, you were pressing your sewing project. I wish my first sewing project had looked as good! So proud of you!

  2. I thought you both looked elegant and gorgeous. The only thing missing was me. 😉

    I’m comforted by knowing those “sew in a day” projects are only that for the likes of Heather.

  3. See, and I always feel the same around you. You alway looks so put-together and chic, in your awesome accessories and green bag (that, i swear, is going to end up missing someday… but I won’t know a thing about it). And you were looking A-W-E-S-O-M-E with your “i don’t eat sugar anymore” self.

    I may finish projects, but I’ll never be able to drink my coffee without sugar. That is amazing.


    Oh, and also, I thought not wearing white after Labor Day was a “rule” we didn’t have to worry about any more? I think you need to help those of us who need fashion help to know the after-Labor day rules.

    And, also-also, your hair looks fab.

    Ok, I am really going now.

  4. Your shirt looks great. Just channel Jackie O. I doubt she ever raised her arms in public. 😉 I have found that patterns require me to purchase 3 sizes larger than the size I would buy at a store. This does not encourage me to sew.

  5. Love your new tunic! Great job! I dont follow any fashion rules….I live by my motto of “Having 3 kids makes me exempt of any rule I don’t see the point of.” 😉

  6. You know your friend who isn’t even allowed to sew the buttons on at her house anymore is GREATLY impressed!! I wished I lived close enough to get in on all these home ec things you N.C. girls are always doing. However, I’m glad that for my short visit, we just chose to eat instead. Priorities, my dear. Priorities.

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