In which I’m glad I got the Scotchguard

I had 12 lanky, smelly, goofy, awkward sixth-grade boys in my house last night for their first youth group meeting.

They ate three dozen barbecue sandwiches.

Devoured two bags of potato chips and an entire family sized bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Then washed it down with a gallon of red Kool-aid.

And miraculously managed to spill only one glass of it on my new fabric couch.

They talked about ninjas and Transformers.

And argued about football teams.

They learned about family, particularly God’s family.

And what it means to be brothers.

Please, boys, be brothers.  It’s a crazy world out there and you need to have each other’s backs. 

And I sat quietly in the kitchen and read the stain exclusions section from my furniture warranty and listened to the beautiful sounds of community happening right there in my living room.

And I was happy.

Very happy, indeed.

Have a nice day.


11 responses to “In which I’m glad I got the Scotchguard

  1. I love this. We had highschool kids in our home every Thursday night for four years for the Young Life bible study. It was a coed group but they’d often break into smaller single sex groups for discussions. My furniture took a beating but it was worth every ding and scratch. Here are a couple of tips-

    Step away from the red koolaid-stick with flavored water/lemonade or sprite only

    The groceries might begin to add up…we asked kids to bring a dessert or snack to share as the year went on and that helped

    Febreze is your friend. So are candles.

    Enjoy…this is a special thing happening in your home.

  2. It still kills me a little that they’re in the YOUTH group, for Pete’s sake. I plan to follow your lead and make my home available to be “the hang out place.” I will, however, learn from your example and try to remember to stick away from brightly colored food and drinks.

  3. Very cool, sister…very cool.

  4. What Joyce said… having been working with teenagers for 28 years and having had a group of teenagers in my house last night, too…. the choice of food is everything. Brownies and things which crumble and can be smushed are not good. (I do cookies instead) Always open the DP litre bottle before allowing them to do so (DP loves to spew everywhere). Remove items you think might be in peril (no matter what you move, something will always be in peril).

    After all precautions have been taken, still… the furniture will suffer and things will get broken…

    BUT… the house will be decorated, instead, with laughter and love and the hope God gives and that… is beautiful.

  5. Girl, the lessons you are sharing for those who read this post… Who cares about couches when eternity sits upon it? You, those boys, those families are sitting at the beginning of a legacy of faith. It may look wild and come with some stains, but its beautiful!

  6. See, that’s why I told you to get the Kool-Aid colored sofa.

  7. Oh yes, those are good days. Enjoy! And now I feel so justified in having a red sofa.

  8. Spot Shot will get most things out. Clean furniture should only be found in a store, not in a home.

  9. Now the pressure is off. The first stain is always the hardest, so now you can relax and enjoy your new furniture. Hey, at least it wasn’t a coffee stain, ahem. 😉

    I’m always amazed by how much food teens/preteens can consume. Way to go, COOL mom with the good food!!! Score!

  10. Such a joy to have a group of kids like this in your house – they will remember your hospitality for years to come! Blessings!

  11. A dream come true.
    Except the red kool-aid part.

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