Monday Musings

We had a fun weekend at Casa de Carpool.  The boys had a friend in the house for a sleepover Friday night and they ate pizza, watched a movie, played Pokemon, and generally ignored me for twenty-four hours so I decided to return the favor and I had a girlfriend over on Saturday night to watch Pride & Prejudice for the millionth time, eat snacks, and generally ignore the kids while they ran like banshees through the house playing Sniper Nerf.

It’s not hard to ignore screaming banshees when Mr. Darcy is on the screen.

Not hard at all.

After church on Sunday we settled in for an afternoon of football but really it turned into an afternoon of crying at every single commercial that honored the memory of 9/11 and finally I just had to leave the house and take the kids to the pool and focus on all that was good and right instead of all that was lost on that horrible, horrible day.

In other news, I had great and mighty plans to run errands this morning but it looks as though my first order of business will be a visit to the doctor’s office because Tommy is sick.  I have a sneaky suspicion that he caught JJ’s pneumonia bug from a couple of weeks ago.  He has the same tight, hacking cough and fever and he looks a little gray around the gills, so we’re going to pop in to have a listen to his lungs and make sure we nip it in the bud.

And on a happy note, the red Kool-Aid came out of the couch as did the bloody handprint that followed the next day when one of the boys had a nosebleed and he decided that wiping his fingers on the sofa would be a wise thing to do.


On another happy note, I’m starting my fourth week being sugar-free and not only haven’t I killed anyone but I’m also feeling pretty sporty about dropping a pound or two and fitting into clothes that I couldn’t button were a little snug.

And on a THIRD happy note, I went walking yesterday for the first time in eight months because I think my foot is healed enough to start easing into weight-bearing exercise again.  I stretched the daylights out of it before and after walking and only had a little twinge.  If I’m careful, I think I’ll be running again within a couple of weeks.

And that makes me happy.

Hope your weekend was full of happy, too.

Have a nice day.

5 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. You had me bowing at your prowess at 4 weeks w/o sugar. Woohoo!

  2. Did you know I still have never watched P&P. I actually own the BBC Colin Firth miniseries, but I’ve never watched it. I am such a weirdo about movies based on favorite books.

    Yay on the walking! Guess that means we are starting the exercise thing this week with the accountability and all? Crud.

  3. Sorry about Tommy! Yay on the sofa!! We have frequent nosebleeds here, so that’s always a concern (and one reason for the permanently draped white sofa). Yay on the eating plan!! Did you take any “before” pictures? You definitely should – even if you don’t plan to share them publicly!! Happy about running? To each her own. Glad for healing, though!! 🙂

  4. What a very full, interesting but great life you lead! May it continue and hopefully your foot will prove well and truly healed. Blessings!

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