Today is Thursday. The 15th.

It may shock many of you that I am not always aware of the current date.

This coming from the woman who still needs to consult the directions on the back of a box of mac and cheese every time I make it but let’s all pretend for the sake of this blog post that you’re stunned.

I’m usually pretty solid on the day unless it’s a holiday weekend and the kids were off on Monday which throws me off-kilter for the rest of the week but,  honestly, the date really doesn’t matter much to me because time keeps on slipping, slipping, into the future when you have school-aged kids anyway so what’s the point.

Well, the point is that I didn’t realize that TODAY was the fifteenth and I had it in my head that TOMORROW was the fifteenth even though I had just blogged about Laura and Dave’s Chick-fil-A dinner that was to be held on Thursday the 15th and it just so happens that yesterday morning when I sat down to check the statuses/stati/general well-being of my Facebook friends, I noticed that a lot of my Guatemalan peeps were talking about getting ready to celebrate Independence Day on Thursday in Guatemala.

And I remembered that Guatemalan Independence Day is the 15th.

Which meant Thursday.

Which meant that the GINORMOUS project that I thought was due on Friday would, in fact, be due on Thursday.

And I was nowhere near ready.

So I’ve basically spent the better part of the last twenty-four hours pulling the equivalent of a college all-nighter getting that thing done.

And being exceptionally fun to be around.

I shall now stop blogging in one sentence paragraphs.

You’re welcome.

The good news is that I managed to finish it late, late, late last night and all that’s left is to spend about thirty minutes making everything pretty and tidy this morning and emailing the file to my boss and then I’m going to collapse in a big heap in the middle of the couch and suck my thumb.

Or go shopping in celebration of all the extra hours I billed.

Have a nice Thursday.

PS – If you’re local, don’t forget to bring your flyer and eat at Chick-fil-A tonightWhimzie generously offered to buy a local reader’s supper to help the cause so if anyone wants to take her up on it, let me know.  Otherwise, the person behind me in line gets to be random-act-of-kindnessed.

Let’s all hope they’re not ordering for the soccer team.



4 responses to “Today is Thursday. The 15th.

  1. Let’s hope indeed. I’d wondered where you were yesterday. Missed you! Hope today makes up for it in waffle fries.

  2. Oh friend, I suffer from the same malady! I quite often get my days and dates and even hours mixed up right when it is most necessary that I have them all right. One time I picked my son up from school in the afternoon and wondered aloud “Where are all the other parents? Am I that early?” Only to find out from the less-than-happy-pick-up-monitor that I was a whole hour late! Why? Because I honestly thought it was 2:00 when it was in fact 3:00!

    And today I just realized, much along the lines of your sudden realization, that the assignment I have due on Monday was one more article than I thought it was. I owe 6 devotionals on Monday, not 5, so while I thought I was well ahead of the game and ready to play this afternoon, I found out I’m actually behind and will be working at double speed today! Enjoy your nap or shopping! I”ll be working!

  3. Oh, I hate that scramble feeling! I used to think, “How in the WORLD could someone not know the day/date?” Now, I know.

    It spoils the whole RAOK feel-good vibe when you get burned by the car full of venti lattes, oops, I mean soccer team at CFA.

  4. Great to see you tonight! On Thursday the 15th. Aren’t you totally jazzed that your project is done?? Enjoy Friday the 16th.

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